WP SEARCH FILE enables searching on pdf, docx and odt f…

Antonis Balasas 有効インストール数: 100+ 4.3.30で検証済み 7年前に更新

SS Downloads

Embed forms in your pages and posts that accept an emai…

Jason Coleman 有効インストール数: 100+ 3.7.41で検証済み 9年前に更新

Allow ogv File Uploads

A fast way to allow .ogv file uploads to the media libr…

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AJAX File Upload

Fast and easy front-end WordPress file uploader with sh…

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Random File

Retrieve the name, path, or link to a randomly chosen f…

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Hacklog DownloadManager

A download manager for your WordPress blog,modified fro…

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Adds a shortcode to include the content of a file or UR…

Tyler Stafford 有効インストール数: 90+ 4.9.22で検証済み 5年前に更新

Read Text File

Allows you to display the contents of a text file withi…

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Caption Linker

Adds a very simple link button near the caption field o…

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Zedna eBook download

Allow user to download your ebook custom file when inse…

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Restrict File Access

Schütze hochgeladene Dateien vor unbefugtem Zugriff.

Joscha Eckert 有効インストール数: 50+ 5.3.14で検証済み 3年前に更新

WoPo File Converter

WoPo File Converter is an online file converter

WoPo Web 有効インストール数: 50+ 6.1.1で検証済み 4か月前に更新