WebSub (FKA. PubSubHubbub)


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Enable conversation across the web. When you link to a …

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IndieWeb for WordPress!

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Microformats 2

Enhances your WordPress theme with Microformats 2 class…

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Adds Micropub server support to WordPress.

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Syndication Links

A simple way to link to copies of your cross-posted con…

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Post Kinds

Ever want to reply to someone else's post with a p…

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IndieWeb Press This

IndieWebified Press This bookmarklets.

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Yarns Microsub Server

Using your own WordPress site, aggregate a social timel…

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This plugin adds a Microsub endpoint to your WordPress …

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MF2 Feeds

Add Microformats2 Feeds for WordPress

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Add a notes post type to WordPress. For your short note…

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