Preferred Languages

WordPress で表示したい言語を、お好みの優先順で設定しましょう。

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Performant Translations

WordPress の国際化 / ローカライズをかつてないほど迅速に。

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Language Switcher

Add a Language Switcher to Menus, Post Types and Taxono…

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This plugin gives better transliteration of non-ASCII c…

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WPT Custom Mo File

WPT Custom Mo File は、独自の .mo 形式の翻訳ファイルを使用するという、ただそれだけの強…

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Easy Translator

Easy Translator is a machine translator for blog posts …

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Translation Tools

WordPress サイト用の翻訳ツール。

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Translation Stats

WordPress 管理画面でプラグイン翻訳の進捗情報を表示します。

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MotaWord Translation

MotaWord translates and localizes your WordPress site i…

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My Review

My Review plugin helps you format your post as a review…

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YD Setup Locale

Automatically sets up the WP language environment based…

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Custom GlotPress Source

Allows to manage translations from a custom GlotPress i…

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Transifex WP Translation

Translate WordPress sites directly on the page using Tr…

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Flag Me

Flag Me enables you to add a country flag before the ti…

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