Custom Google Talk Chatback

Easily embed Goole Talk Chatback on your site for onlin…

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Converse.js はオープンソースのウェブチャットのクライアントです。ブラウザで動き、様々なウェブサイト…

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XMPP Enabled

XMPP Enabled provides a single-function API for other p…

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This plugin provides support for online chat…

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XMPP Authentication

Allows users to authenticate without password via XMPP …

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wp_mail to XMPP

ほとんどすべての通知を、メールではなく XMPP で送ります

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XMPP Statistics

Displays the statistics from ejabberd XMPP server throu…

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Ejabberd Account Tools

Provides a set of useful tools for the ejabberd server,…

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