Adapta RGPD

Herramienta de ayuda para el cumplimiento del RGPD para…

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Credit Tracker


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Cookie Monster

Este plugin permite mostrar el aviso de Cookies para qu…

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Easily generate Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy f…

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Datareporter Webcare

WordPress module to embed DataReporter WebCare elements…

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Legal +

Con este plugin podrás adecuar tu web corporativa o blo…

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Legal Page Generator

Generates legal pages for websites, such as: Terms &amp…

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Image Copytrack

Copytrack detects where your images has been used on th…

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Contenido RGPD

Contenido RGPD creates RGPD / GDPR legal pages using yo…

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Docubot™ is artificial intelligence, designed specifica…

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