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VOD Infomaniak

Easily embed and manage videos from Infomaniak VOD in y…

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Delete Custom Fields

Remove every instance of a custom field from your site.

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WP Bannerize Pro

WP Bannerize Pro is the new version of WP Bannerize. It…

Giovambattista Fazioli 有効インストール数: 1,000+ 6.0.5で検証済み 10か月前に更新

Dashboard Commander

Command your admin dashboard. Manage built-in widgets a…

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Plugins Load Order

Allows you to change the order in which plugins will be…

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Easily Migrate, Clone or Transfer sites to AWS from wit…

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Posts Columns Manager

Did you ever want to add some custom columns to the pos…

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Custom Posts Order

A plugin which allows you to order the posts with simpl…

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Magic Template Holder


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Custom Users Order

A plugin which allows you to order the users with simpl…

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Manage your WordPress websites remotely and learn what …

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