様々なモバイルデバイスやタブレットを検出する条件付き関数を提供するヘルパープラグイン。CSS Media Qu…

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Media Deduper

Save disk space and bring some order to the chaos of yo…

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Nav Menu Images

Display image as a menu item content.

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Autoselect the featured image and creates pixel perfect…

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iOS images fixer

Automatically fix iOS-taken images' orientation us…

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Bulk Media Register


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Meow Lightbox

Responsive Lightbox designed for photography which can …

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Bulk Datetime Change


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Disable Media Pages

Completely remove "attachment" pages for Word…

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Custom Upload Dir

Keeps your uploaded files organized in smart folder str…

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Disable Media Sizes

Provides options to disable the extra images generated …

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WEN Featured Image

一覧にアイキャッチ画像列を追加します。一覧ページから直接、アイキャッチ画像を追加 / 変更 / 削除します

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Media Grid

A grid view for the WordPress Media Library.

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WP Media folders

WP Media Folders is a media management plugin that: Imp…

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