Force Password Change

Require users to change their password on first login.

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MASS Users Password Reset

MASS Users Password Reset を使えば、すべてのユーザーのパスワードを簡単にリセットでき…

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WP htpasswd

WP Htaccess helps you to improve the security of your s…

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Minimum Password Strength

Enforce a specific password strength. Uses the same str…

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Remove Protected

Small script that removes Protected: and Private: from …

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Password Passthrough

This plugin allows passwords for password-protected pag…

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Prevent Password Reset

Prevents password reset for select users via the WordPr…

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Post Password Token

The Post Password Token plugin allows readers to access…

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Global Post Password

Globally set a password for all password protected post…

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Replace Protected Password


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Bulk Password Reset

Bulk Password Reset is a tool which can help you do a b…

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