Custom Post Type UI

Admin UI for creating custom content types like post ty…

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Post Type Switcher

WordPress の投稿タイプを簡単に変更する簡単な方法

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Portfolio Post Type

This plugin registers a custom post type for portfolio …

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Search & Filter


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WP Post Branches

WP Post Branches will create a private branch of an pos…

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Custom Post Type Editor

Customize the text labels, menu names or description fo…

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スポンサー makes it easy to add your sponsors and partners t…

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Archive Control

Quickly customize your custom post type and taxonomy ar…

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Simple HTML Sitemap

Simple HTML Sitemap creates beautiful sitemap for you w…

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Post Type Converter

Allows you to convert the post type of objects while in…

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More Types

Adds any number of extra Post types, besides Post and P…

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Portfolio Toolkit

Adds portfolio functionality to your WordPress website.

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Widget Entries

Widget Entries plugin creates the Widget post-type in t…

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