Elegant Category Posts

Retrieve and display posts from any category on your Wo…

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Reblog: redirect new to old

Reblog posts: create a new post and redirect to an old …

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WP Exclude

Allow users to exclude some posts based on cookies or q…

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Show articles by keyword

This plugin adds a shortcode so you can show related ar…

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TextCensor For Articles


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Karedas Favicons

Adds corresponding favicon from Google Shared Stuff aft…

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jQuery Archives

jQuery Archives displays your posts archives in a fancy…

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shows your chosen number of publications in the selecte…

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Mapping of image posts


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WP Featured Entries

Create Featured Groups of Entries to put into your desi…

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CRM LastPosts Widget

Show the last, most popular or random posts of any cate…

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Watchman is a WordPress plugin which keeps track of rev…

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Related Post

A simple plugin allows you display related posts of pos…

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