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WP Legal Pages

WP Legal Pages is a simple 1 click legal page managemen…

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Easily generate Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy f…

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WP Terms Popup

Use WP Terms Popup to ask users to agree to a terms of …

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Privacy Policy Genius

Privacy Policy & Cookie Consent Notice for your web…

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Create Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy for your …

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Dismiss Privacy Nag

dismiss privacy pointer nag and admin notification when…

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ats privacy policy

Plugin 152-FZ! ats privacy policy allows (go to the plu…

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GDPR Simple Notification

GDPR Simple Notification is a lightweight plugin inform…

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Dismiss Privacy Tools

disable and remove privacy tools added in 4.9.6 complet…

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AWEOS YouTube load per click

This Plugin prevents the auto loading from YouTube ifra…

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N-Mediaa WordPress GDPR

WordPress GDPR – Secure your Comments

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