Kaya QR Code Generator

Generate QR Code through Widgets and Shortcodes, withou…

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QR Code Woocommerce

This plugin creates printable QR Codes for Simple and V…

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Tự động tạo mã QR ngân hàng cho từng đơn hàng. Mã QR sẽ…

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QR Code Generator

QR Code Wordpress plugin to insert a QR code in your bl…

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Generate QR Code by shortcode for WordPress

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QR Code

It lets appear the QR-code of the given site in the sli…

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PromptPay integration for WordPress, contract creator i…

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The unique QR code will be automatically created on eac…

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Super Cool QRCode

Easily insert QR codes in your blog, with Widget or Sho…

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