HD Quiz

Create a Quiz. A very easy to use and feature rich plug…

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Fyrebox Quizzes

fyrebox.com ウェブサイトでクイズを作成し、タブ上や投稿内で簡単に表示します。

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SS Quiz

With this plugin administrator can easily and fast crea…

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Formplus Simple Form Builder | Contact Forms, Quizzes &…

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WP Quizr

Create Buzzfeed-style quizzes and share results on soci…

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WPQuiz allows you to add a simple quiz/questions to any…

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NewsUp Quiz Embed

Embed your NewsUp.com quizzes on your wordpress site.

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Outgrow | Embed quizzes, calculators, polls and much mo…

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The most advanced quiz plugin for Wordpress. One plugin…

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University quizzes online

It has become very easy to organize a quiz on your webs…

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