Wanderlust OCA Shipping

Obtener costos de envío de manera dinámica utilizando l…

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More than 170+ currency rates. The data about currency …

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Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates widget for your blog. Free.

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ShipBob Express Rates

Dynamically provide an affordable two-day ground shippi…

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Shipping Options

Adds shipping options to posts, pages or any other sele…

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NP Forex Commodity Widget

Adds commodity prices, exchange rates and fuel rates wi…

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FX Currency Tables

FX-ForeignExchange 6 currency cross table plugin for Wo…

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Currency Rates of Russian Ruble

Плагин с курсами валют ЦБ РФ. Обновление в реальном вре…

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Post Star

Plugin allows users to mark the number of stars of each…

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Euro Rates Shows Euro Exchange Rates recovered daily fr…

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