Reading Time WP

Reading Time WP creates an estimated reading time of yo…

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WP Word Count

Count the words on your WordPress site instantly.

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Worth The Read

An adjustable progress meter showing how much of the po…

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Post reading times

A plugin that allows you to easily display the reading …

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Post Read Time

Post Read Time calculate the time it would take to the …

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With Timify, let your audience know about the last modi…

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Reading Time

Reading Time shows the estimated reading time and puts …

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This plugin provides a shortcode to display the table o…

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Post Stats

Statistics about posts length and reading time on dashb…

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My Reading Time Lite

Reading Time lite plugin enables an estimated reading t…

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WB Content Stats

A simple plugin to showcase the word & character co…

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My Post Time

My Post Time plugin is an innovative and useful plugin …

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Reading time.

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