Boo Recipes

Easily add Recipes in user friendly way that generates …

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Add RECIPEs on your website. RECIPEs All in one.

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Super easy recipe plugin with nutritional facts. Made b… 有効インストール数: 60+ 5.4.10で検証済み 2年前に更新

Whisk Recipes

Whisk Recipes for WordPress is a first recipe plugin wi… 有効インストール数: 40+ 5.7.6で検証済み 1年前に更新

Recipe Schema

Add thumbnails to the Google results for your Recipes. …

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Awesome Recipe

Awesome Recipe plugin helps you to publish recipe posts…

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Cookbook Hook Guide

The simplest visual hook guide for the simplest WordPre…

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Recipe Calculator

The 1-click option for customizing the portions of your…

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Easily build step-by-step tutorials with images from th…

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WP Recipes

Manage recipes on your own wordpress blog with WP-Recip…

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TP Recipe

Allow user to add recipe and its ingredients with its q…

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WP Recipe Manager

WP Recipe Manager plugin supports fully features for a …

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RecipeCan Recipes

Organizes recipes on your food or cooking blog. Each re…

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Recipe Blocks

Easy to use blocks for posting recipes that include Det…

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Editable Recipe

This plugin allows you to enter and edit recipe-specifi…

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