WP Recipe Maker

The easy and user-friendly recipe plugin for everyone. …

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Cooked – レシピプラグイン


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Yummly Rich Recipes

This plugin is a fork of the ZipList Recipe Plugin and …

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Visual Recipe Index

Visual Recipe Index – Plugin to create an automatically…

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Recipes by Simmer

Recipes by Simmer is an intuitive recipe publishing too…

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Nutrifox WP Connector

Embed Nutrifox labels in WordPress in a moment or less.

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RecipePress Reloaded

The swiss army knife for your food blog. A tool to add …

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Use hRecipe for creating Google Rich Snippets, for leve…

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Recipes for WordPress done right.

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Boo Recipes

Easily add Recipes in user friendly way that generates …

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Super easy recipe plugin with nutritional facts. Made b…

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Prepear Pro Sync

This plugin will help you connect your Prepear Pro http…

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Whisk Recipes

Whisk Recipes for WordPress is a first recipe plugin wi…

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CuratorCrowd Recipe Box

An award-winning add-on for your existing recipe cards …

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Recipe SEO made simple. Formats your recipes with the a…

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