WP Revisions Control


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Proofreading checks texts on every content of your Word…

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Draft up revisions of live, published content. The live…

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Limit Revisions

This plugin adds a new setting in the last position of …

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Revision Manager TMC

Clone your post, page or custom post type to a draft. D…

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WP Revisions Limit

Limit the number of revisions stored for your posts. Ke…

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Thin Out Revisions

Enables flexible revision management for you.

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Disable WP Revisions

This plugin removes the revision functionality from Wor…

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WP Revision Master

Powerful and best post revision control, compare, resto…

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Simple Revision Control

Manage post types revisions. You can also delete all un…

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Delete Post Revision

Help you clean out redundant & repetitive post revi…

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WP Last Modified

This plugins adds the last modified date, current revis…

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Super Switch

As you see, these are a set of switches. You can optimi…

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Revision Cleaner

This plugin will clean up your revisions AUTOMATICALLY …

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Better Revisions

Extend your Revisions: Add important fields like "…

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