Search and Replace

Search and replace content into pages and posts

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BP Profile Search

Member search and member directories for BuddyPress and…

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WordPress のための迅速で柔軟な検索とクエリエンジン。

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WP Search with Algolia

Use the power of Algolia to enhance your website's…

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VK Filter Search


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Word Replacer Pro

Word Replacer Ultra has the capability to search and re…

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Shortcodes Finder

Shortcodes Finder helps you to find, test, clean and ge…

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Search in Place

Search in Place improves blog search by displaying quer…

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WP Custom Fields Search

Build search forms to provide custom search functionali…

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Jetpack Search

Easily add cloud-powered instant search and filters to …

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Hide from Search

Hide individual WordPress pages from search engines and…

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