Tagged Sitemap

Creates a shortcode [tagged-sitemap] that renders a nes…

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NaiZui 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.1.29で検証済み 5年前に更新

WP Mini Sitemap

A WordPress plugin for generating sitemaps in pages (li…

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Customize Sitemap

Customize sitemap Give you the real website sitemap fea…

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Easy Sitemap Page

Add responsive sitemap in page using simple shortcode. …

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Website Cool Sitemap

This plugin will allow you to post the sitemap of your …

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LH Sitemaps

Sitemaps done right, decisions, not options

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Sitemap by click5

Generate and customize HTML & XML sitemaps for your…

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Dropdown SMU Link

Create a dropdown with several formats that links to a …

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WP TXT Sitemap

WP TXT Sitemap creates an Text Sitemap For your website…

kuegy 有効インストール数: 10未満 5.3.2で検証済み 2週間前に更新

WP Web Map

Add a complete list of all pages or / and posts by [pag…

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Page Sitemap

Create an html sitemap in a page with the [page-sitemap…

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Simply Sitemap

Generate google xml sitemap, and display HTML Sitemap f…

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