SportsPress for Football (Soccer)

SportsPress for Football is an extension for SportsPres…

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TF Random Numbers

Very easy to use numbers counter. It will ultimately su…

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WT Yandex Metrika

Простое добавление на сайт счетчика Яндекс.Метрика

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Seriously Simple Stats

Integrated analytics and stats tracking for Seriously S…

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Statify – Extended Evaluation

This plugin evaluates the data collected with the priva…

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Rock Convert

Publique banners no seu blog de maneira rápida e efetiv…

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Woopra Analytics Plugin

Track who is on your website, what pages they're b…

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Simple Blog Stats

Displays a wealth of useful statistics about your site.

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Simple Feed Stats

Tracks your feeds and displays your feed count via shor…

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