Better Google Analytics

Google アナリティクスですべてを追跡します(クリックされたリンク、開いているメール、見ている YouTu…

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Display your WordPress blog statistics. Ranging from ge…

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Simple Blog Stats

Displays a wealth of useful statistics about your site.

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TF Random Numbers

Very easy to use numbers counter. It will ultimately su…

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WP Client Reports

Send professional client maintenance report emails, inc…

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Rock Convert

Publique banners no seu blog de maneira rápida e efetiv…

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Woopra Analytics Plugin

Track who is on your website, what pages they're b…

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This plugin prevents spam referrer attacks by filtering…

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Allow you to insert counter code for YandexMetrika to y…

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WP Search Analytics

WP Search Analytics will store and display the search t…

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ShinyStat Widget

WP-ShinyStat is a WordPress plugin that allows a simple…

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QA Analytics – QAアナリティクス –


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Jetpack Lite

Prevents Jetpack from loading any modules except for St…

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Kama Click Counter

Count clicks on any link all over the site. Creates bea…

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