Shortcode is a plugin that adds several useful shortcod…

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Kama Click Counter

Count clicks on any link all over the site. Creates bea…

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Simple statistictool for feeds.

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Word Stats

A suite of word counters, keyword counters and readabil…

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Hitsteps Web Analytics

Hitsteps Analytics is a real time website visitor track…

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Perfect Survey

Customer Satisfaction? Discover everything with Perfect…

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Track your blog stats. Visit Dashboard|ShortStat. Based…

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Baidu Tongji generator

Add Baidu tongji JavaScript to each page on your wordpr…

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Quantcast Quantifier

Allows you to easily add the necessary JavaScript code …

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Visit statistical tools, providing special functions fo…

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SEO Stats Widget

Display SEO Statistics of blog

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WP Client Reports

Send professional client maintenance report emails, inc…

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