Minify & Concatenate Enqueued Scripts & Styles.

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Notes Widget Wrapper

Apply a "sticky note" style box around your w…

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Scroll Styler

Scroll Styler offers a solution to add custom scrollbar…

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Simple Youtube Shortcode

Simple Youtube Shortcode provides a shortcode to embed …

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Scripts and Styles

Inject JavaScript and CSS files into your website. Enco…

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Art Direction

"Per-post styles for new age art direction."

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CSS AutoLoader

Load CSS files without coding

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首行缩进插件2em 主要是为官方编辑器增加首行缩进支持(text-indent:2em;)。

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Custom CSS/JS

Add custom javascripts and styles to pages and posts as…

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Easily manage the merging and compression of js and css…

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Style Admin

Want to style your Admin login pages for your clients i…

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Custom Dashboard

Make your wordpress dashboard more style and customize …

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This plugin, RTLer, generates the RTL stylesheet for yo…

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Custom CSS Injector

Fast & simple solution to control custom CSS code i…

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AWEOS Admin Style

AWEOS Admin Login is used to get a beatiful custom styl…

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