WP 2FA with Telegram

This plugin enables two factor authentication with Tele…

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AUS Telegram Channel

Broadcast Wordpress posts on your Telegram channel

Anvar Ulugov 有効インストール数: 20+ 4.6.23で検証済み 6年前に更新


Manage your WordPress site on the way using Telegram. R…

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Do not lose communication with your customers, take all…

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Embed Telegram's Channel content, view content of …

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Broadcast to Telegram

Allows WordPress sites to send notifications to a Teleg…

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TelSender Event

TelSender Event: Add-ons for the plugin Telsender

Pechenki 有効インストール数: 10+ 5.8.4で検証済み 9か月前に更新


Create your own notification bot which will send emails…

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Telegram Inliner

Search on Wordpress site using Telegram Inline Bots.

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