Add subtitles into your WordPress posts, pages, custom …

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SEO Title Tag

Search engine optimize your blog's title tags. Mas…

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HTML Widget Titles

Allows the use of HTML in the title of any widget.

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Limit Post Titles

Limit post titles (including pages and custom post type…

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TTF Titles

This plugin provides two new template tags to replace p…

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Search Engines

A smart plugin that helps you to optimize the blog for …

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Category Content

This WordPress plugin (widget) will be shown when visit…

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Title Capitalization

This plugin automates the process of capitalizing title…

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Post Title Icons

Post Title Icons lets you set icons for all your blog p…

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Title Style

This plugin adds emphasis around certain words in post …

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Sweet Titles

Sweet Titles on your WordPress Blog based on the Sweet …

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Nice Titles

Nice Titles on your WordPress Blog based on the Nice Ti…

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WP Alternative Post Title

WP Alternative Post Title plugin enables you to have tw…

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Shortcodes In Titles

Shortcodes In Title give you the ability to use shortco…

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WP Capitalized Titles

WP Capitalized Titles by

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No Home Title

A light plugin that removes the word "HOME" f…

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