Loco Translate

WordPress のプラグインとテーマをブラウザーで直接翻訳します

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Translate WordPress with GTranslate

Translate WordPress with Google Translate multilanguage…

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Translate WordPress – Google Language Translator

Translate WordPress with Google Language Translator mul…

Translate AI Multilingual Solutions 有効インストール数: 100,000+ 5.2.3で検証済み 4週間前に更新

TranslatePress – Translate Multilingual sites

Easily translate your entire site directly from the fro…

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Translate WP website – Weglot Translate

Translate your website into multiple languages without …

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Say what?

WordPress コアやプラグインコードを編集することなくサイト上の文字列を変更可能な、簡単に使えるプラグイ…

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My WP Translate

Simple yet powerful Translate plugin for WordPress. Can…

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Polylang Theme Strings

Automatic scanning of strings translation in the theme …

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WP Multilang

Multilingual plugin for WordPress.

Valentyn Riaboshtan 有効インストール数: 10,000+ 5.0.6で検証済み 10か月前に更新

Admin Language Per User

Switch your backend administration panel in any install…

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Google Translate Plugin – WP Translate

Do you need to translate your WordPress content? WP Tra…

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WooCommerce Enhancements for Spanish Market

Extends the WooCommerce plugin for Spanish needs: EU VA…

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Theme and plugin translation for Polylang (TTfP)

Theme and plugin translation using Polylang for WordPre…

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