Translates your blog to 35 languages with just one clic…

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Bravo Translate

The simplest solution for translate foreign texts or re…

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WPML comment merging

This plugin merges comments from all WPML translations …

Fabian Lange 有効インストール数: 200+ 3.0.5で検証済み 11年前に更新

WPML Country Detector

WPML Addon for detecting the user country and show his …

Ayebare Mucunguzi Brooks 有効インストール数: 200+ 4.0.33で検証済み 7年前に更新

Persian World

It will turn WordPress , bbPress and BuddyPress into Pe…

Danial Hatami 有効インストール数: 200+ 3.9.34で検証済み 7年前に更新

Auto Translate

Go international the easy way. Hassle-free, no setup ne…

Pampa Dev 有効インストール数: 200+ 5.8.2で検証済み 1か月前に更新

Easy Translator

Easy Translator is a machine translator for blog posts …

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Localize your website, translate web pages in minutes.

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There are plenty of auto translate plugins, but they le…

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Bilingual Linker

The purpose of this plugin is to allow users to add a l…

Yannick Lefebvre 有効インストール数: 100+ 5.8.2で検証済み 4か月前に更新

eShop Languages

Simple extension to eShop, providing translation files.

Rich Pedley 有効インストール数: 100+ 3.7.36で検証済み 8年前に更新

GP Remove Powered By

A plugin for GlotPress as a WordPress plugin that remov…

Greg Ross 有効インストール数: 100+ 5.4.8で検証済み 2年前に更新