P2 By Email

Use P2? Use email? Use both!

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Installing EasyContent Wordpress plugin allows you to t…

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Organize Drafts

Organize Wordpress Drafts with "Draft Types."…

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Post Revision Workflow

Allows anyone editing a published page or post to draft…

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Betaout ContentCloud

Manage all your Wordpress sites and Editorial team from…

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Zensor enforces a two-step publishing workflow in WordP…

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Pending Status

Get notified when your site has posts pending review.

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Publish Control

Publish Control forces users to confirm publish to avoi…

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My Quota

Keep track of who is writing what and when with My Quot…

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Post Status Indicator

Allow color customization in WordPress admin for the pu…

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AWEOS Dashboard Note

Leave notes for everyone working on your website. Good …

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