WP Word Count

Count the words on your WordPress site instantly.

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TinyMCE Spellcheck

TinyMCE Spellcheck adds the spellcheck button back to t…

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FD Footnotes Plugin

Add elegant looking footnotes to your posts simply and …

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WP Spell Check

Proofread & Audit your WordPress website with One C…

WP Spell Check 有効インストール数: 2,000+ 5.3.1で検証済み 2日前に更新

Easy Content Templates

This plugin lets you define content templates to quickl…

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Mooberry Book Manager

Sell books via Amazon and other retailers directly from…

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Easily organize and display your portfolio of books.

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Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid shows you a set of reports to help you …

@ProWritingAid 有効インストール数: 100+ 3.0.5で検証済み 7年前に更新

Article Forge

The Article Forge WP plugin provides a conducive enviro…

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pure writing


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Parsedown for WordPress

This plugin processes your posts and comments using the…

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Slick Write

Take your writing to the next level.

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Author Wordcount

Allows authors to show word counts for works in progres…

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