Widget for Yelp Reviews

Yelp reviews widget and shortcode! Shows Yelp business …

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Reviews Block for Yelp

The Review Block for Yelp makes it easy for you to disp…

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WP Yelp Review Slider

Create a Yelp review slider! Allows you to easily displ…

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Widgets for Yelp Reviews

Embed Yelp reviews fast and easily into your WordPress …

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Yelp Reviews Ticker

Yelp Reviews Ticker is an easy to use widget that allow…

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Yelp Bar

A powerful bar that shows Yelp Rating & Reviews at …

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Display Yelp Widget

Displays your business's Yelp rating and reviews.

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Business Matchup

This plugin will access the Yelp API and StrawPoll API …

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