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Guys, testimonial Pro has many bugs that make it unusable if you want to customise it with some custom css. Moreover, the support is non-existent, nobody answers! By buying this plugin, you lose 42$ !
The testimonial builder plugin is an essential and awesome plugin for the WordPress website testimonial section.
I am really surprised that in 2021 there are still plugins with such a non-intuitive AND intrusive user interface that will make you feel so bad. Sorry guys, I can't use it. Advice: 1. Please hire a designer and make the User Interface align with the default WordPress interface. 2. Give us a way to select colors from the native WordPress color palette! 3. Stop putting so much advertising everywhere in my WordPress. This is rude. As a result, I don't want your PRO plugin even if it is free forever.
I started off using the free version, but then I decided to purchase it because it looked very impressive - and I wasn't wrong! It's very easy to set up, very easy to use and very easy to manage. You get a very advanced choice of settings: - Testimonial Colour Settings - Testimonial Star Rating Settings - Testimonial Font Size and Style Settings - Testimonial Display Settings - Testimonial Layout Settings - Testimonial Carousel Settings - Testimonial Background and Padding Settings - Testimonial Filter Category Settings - Testimonial Form Display Settings All the above settings are also very easy to manage. You get 101 different testimonial layouts! You can customize which fields the testimonial will display --> name, email, image, website URL etc etc etc. I could go on and on and on. Best of all - the support is BRILLIANT! I say this because the support kindly responded to my query with simple instructions on how and where to edit the php coding. The only 1 thing i would suggest, is that the admin/owner gets an email regarding a new submitted testimonial. Much appreciated
great plugin just what i wanted, simple and useful


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