Themeflection Numbers – Number Counter and Animated Numbers


Themeflection Numbers – Number Counter and Animated Numbers is Best Responsive Numbers Counter Plugin that is very easy to use and implement into any post, or page. You can use it to build beautiful sections with numbers counter to showcase your statistics.


Main Features:

  • Include dynamic numbers like number of Articles, categories and authors
  • レスポンシブ
  • Unlimited counters anywhere on page, post or custom post type
  • Easy to use
  • Order numbers with simple drag and drop
  • Font Awesome Icons picker integrated
  • Fully Customizable
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Modern Look
  • Unlimited color Scheme
  • Background Image
  • Simple integration via Shortcode
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Change title, number, icon and section Title
  • Manage sizing of all elements
  • Multiple Statistics Section Support (as of 1.4.5)
  • Visual Composer Compatible (as of 1.4.8)

Extend With Addons Features

  • Control the counter speed
  • More Layouts
  • Showcase WooCommerce sales, number of products, customers and more
  • Additional options for spacing
  • Parallax
  • Custom entrance animations for every element
  • Custom image icons picker supports
  • Control custom img icons width and height
  • 16 available currencies signs to add
  • Add currencies before or after numbers, or as superscript or subscript
  • Add + sign before or after numbers
  • Add comma (,) separator for numbers
  • Set starting count number instead of 0
  • Background opacity

Demo with Addons


  • Preview of numbers section
  • Another exapmple with transparent background and custom colors
  • Number Fields option
  • General options for numbers section


Themeflection Numbers Counter can be installed in two different ways:

  • Via WordPress uploader
  • or via FTP Client

1- Steps to follow to install plugin via WordPress uploader

  • go to WordPress admin panel and click on “plugins” from the dashboard menu.
  • Then from Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Choose file -> and then choose and press Open-> Install Now -> Activate Plugin

2- Steps to follow to install plugin via FTP

  • Unzip the file
  • Upload unziped tf_numbers folder to your WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  • Activate from WordPress menu Plugins section


2022年7月14日 1 reply
I paid for an addon in order to add commas to the numbers. It cost $7. This was a week ago. Since then, I haven't received the addon file. Despite numerous attempts to contact this company, no one has responded. I submitted several more emails but again, no response. I thought it was an issue with not creating an account on the site. However, even after creating an account and repurchasing the addon, NOTHING! This company is a scam. Don't pay for addons.
2021年4月30日 1 reply
I BOUGHT 2 add-ons of this plugin, but the control is terribly limited, also some of the function is not working (auto-increment in my case). But the worst part is either the core, or those 2 addons are CRASHING THE BACKEND OF MY SITE. I started a thread asking for help but there's no reply even after a month, everyone who download this please check if the plugin install page (plugin-install.php) is still working normally after you activate it. ref.
Great plugin, but numbers are not inceremnting on autopilot. And no answer from support. Have complete bundle.
2020年2月13日 1 reply
Appearance of plugin is good + it functions + will work on your site from laptop. Numbers go to correct values. Had tried other plugins that didn't work, so literally the frame of comparison is, "Wow, this plugin is usable." But it has problems. 1) Numbers increase super fast, i.e., from 0 - 300 in like one second, so the effect/glamour of your customer viewing the animation is blunted. There's no way to adjust the rate of increase either. 2) Animation doesn't work on mobile device. Numbers just appear static at the values you've entered. In order to see the animation you need to be using laptop. 3) No preview option + no way to know how the font number you enter translates into actual size. I had been using size 18 font for body text on one of my WP pages so I entered that value in for the font, and it literally took up my whole page as though I had entered 180. So once you save the shortcode to your page, you can't change/play with the fonts because there's no preview option. Edit: Just realized that all of the above problems are on purpose by the plugin creator. If you want more control, "Pay us. Buy our Pro plugin." Creator literally makes SEVEN different add-ons as opposed to just allowing you to pay once for more features.
first of all - many many thanks for the TF Random Numbers - which is a versatile plugin for WordPress. In our case we are using it to manage to display a Numbers Counter. I love its flexibility: I really have looked for a very very long time to find such a plugin. I have tested alot of others. But now the search is over. The TF-Numbers is it! We ve used a lot of other plugins to keep track of our tasks - but finally we found the TF-Numbers-plugin. IT fits so nicely. Now i have to confess: This is the best one ive used, wish I had found it earlier. The design: It has a excellent design and one that is continiously and sustainably getting better and better. The plugin developer makes the plugin better and better - month by month. I installed it: Very easy to get started with. Simple, and does what it says it will do without anything getting in the way. The plugin is surprisingly useful and very very featurerich - and really powerful. It can be used in many different scenarios and situations the usage: This plugin does exactly what it says in the manual. Keep a record of your members, sign ups or what ever. To sume up: This is just what I was looking for! Excellent piece of work, many thanks. Keep up the great work - and i am pretty sure that you get more and more user and friends all over the globe! It rocks!! - thanks for all you did!; opensource rocks!! Best Responsive Numbers Counter out there - 10 stars from me!!


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  • Security updates.
  • Usability improvements.


  • Security updates.
  • Usability improvements.


  • Fixed param string type
  • Updated dashboard urls


  • Improved scroll counter trigger logic


  • Compatibility check


  • cleaned css


  • fixed the way custom icons are rendered


  • Removed the immediate count from options and moved to the js
  • Minor admin UI re-styling
  • Added no options message in addon section if addons are not active


  • Reverted the immediate count option default


  • Added option to display number of articles, categories, comments and authors
  • Minor improvement in options style
  • Code refactoring


  • Fixed license call to be made only on tf numbers license page


  • Updated font awesome icons (added couple of icons)


  • Added new option – start counting the number on page load


  • Edited donate link
  • Optimised php files


  • Updated pot file
  • Fixed center alignment for smaller devices


  • Added new option – Section Border
  • Improved files for translation
  • Improved numbers containers to be more fixed while numbers count
  • Improved number (integer) check in script, only whole numbers are allowed
  • Included Auto Incrementer addon description


  • Improved style for centering of the icons which was overridden by some themes


  • Fixed missing background image when multiple counters are used per page


  • Fixed counting triggering on scroll when multiple sections are used


  • Added redirect to the about page after plugin activation
  • improved pages code


  • Fixed title notice that can be shown as result of conflict with title remover


  • Fixed custom style filter to render iconizer addon image dimensions


  • Added WP 4.7 compatibility


  • Updated Font Awesome icons pack to 4.7
  • Added conditional around page calling to prevent issues on some servers


  • Added description to some options
  • Included Visual Composer Shortcode
  • Fixed notices
  • Improved back-end compatibility with some other plugins


  • Fixed front-end icons rendering issue


  • Updated Font Awesome icons pack to 4.6.3


  • Added support for multiple statistics sections per post/page
  • Added Section Title Vertical Margin
  • Added transparent background option
  • Integrated 1 click shortcode insertion into posts/pages


  • Integrated new addons support


  • Fixed colors bug


  • Fixed background image responsive issue on small devices


  • Fixed 0 in numbers issue
  • Fixed TF Numbers appearing in sidebar


  • Fixed iconizer compatibility


  • Updated Controller addon description


  • Fixed ad error


  • fixed numbers not counting bellow number 3
  • Added desc field for options


  • fixed redirect problem


  • Completed Font-Awesome Icons


  • fixed background issue


  • Added missing images and files


  • Added missing folder for the upgrade


  • Improved icons selection and options.
  • Added layouts options
  • Added New Options


  • Fixed pushing to the top issue


  • fixed javascript conflict from past release


  • Fixed mobile counting issue


  • Fixed compatibility issue


  • Fixed font-awesome icons rendering on backend


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