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WordPress Helpdesk & Live Chat Plugin Powered by AI – ThriveDesk

WordPress Helpdesk & Live Chat Plugin Powered by AI – ThriveDesk


Your search for WordPress helpdesk plugin ends here. ThriveDesk is complete support ticketing, live chat and knowledge base solution for WordPress powered website.

Help Desk Plugin For WordPress

ThriveDesk is the ultimate helpdesk and ticketing software for WordPress, offering a lightweight and fast assistant that attracts customers without slowing down your site. With personalized interactions, automated messages, and detailed analytics, it’s the perfect solution for enhancing customer support.

We designed ThriveDesk helpdesk to protect users’ privacy and align with the GDPR rules.


Win your customers over by using this incredibly fast and lightweight customer support tool.

Avoid slow page loading times and lag in message delivery and reception.

Check customer information, page browsing history, previous purchase history right from the agent dashboard. Manage refunds and serve customers on the go.

Now, ThriveDesk allows customers to communicate with support staff in their native language, making it an ideal multilingual customer service solution.

HelpDesk for WooCommerce

Your customers will love you for using ThriveDesk live chat with WooCommerce. Engage customers at the right time, prevent cart abandonment & manage WooCommerce store right inside ThriveDesk — No more switching between multiple tabs.

Introducing ChatGPT Integration within Helpdesk System

Now ThriveDesk is more powerful with ChatGPT integration directly with our helpdesk system. Now you can provide faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries.

ChatGPT can assist support agents by providing suggested responses or templates for common inquiries. It can enhance the quality of support ticket responses to identify areas for improvement.

How can live chat increase your sales and conversion?

Live chat is a great tool for businesses to use because it can increase the conversion rate and search ranking. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, live chat is an inexpensive customer service tool that can make you feel more like a trusted provider of goods to the customer.

With ThriveDesk live chat plugin provides one-on-one conversations with your customers, which means that you can address their concerns efficiently and start closing more sales.

This will in turn increase your conversion rate and search ranking by reducing the number of people who are unhappy with their experience on your website.

💬 Live Chat Features

  • Real Time visitor tracking
  • Chatbots
  • Proactive messaging
  • Offline messaging
  • Lead collection
  • Automated replies from the knowledge base
  • Contact forms
  • Links
  • File sharing
  • Zoom and Google Meet integration
  • Analytics & Insight
  • Seamless integration with other CRM
  • And much more…

Available on:

  • IOS App
  • Android App

Helpdesk & Support Ticket Plugin for WordPress

Manage all customer conversations through ThriveDesk’s Shared Inbox (aka Ticket System). Shared Inbox is where all your tickets, live chat, and queries are directed, and the team collaborates to provide a better customer support experience.

ThriveDesk makes it easy for your team to manage emails through a single shared inbox.

🌟 Helpdesk Features

  • Shared Inbox
  • Workflow automation
  • Team collaboration
  • Merge conversation
  • Assignments
  • Collision Detection
  • Tagging
  • Canned replies
  • Spam filtering
  • Auto-responders
  • Auto BCC
  • Default Status Update
  • Private notes
  • Reply Undo
  • Powerful Search
  • Notifications
  • Contact history
  • Previous conversations
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Reporting
  • And much more…

🤔 Why Shared Inbox?

A shared inbox enables you to manage customer support requests with a smaller team, providing a more efficient use of resources and reducing the cost of maintaining a larger support team.

Which means all customer interactions are in one place, making it easier for agents to manage, prioritize, and respond to requests. This helps reduce the risk of missing requests or duplicating efforts.

✅ Better conversation organization
✅ Automation of redundant tasks
✅ Better workflow management
✅ Easier performance-tracking
✅ Better collaboration
✅ Credible reporting
✅ Better integration
✅ Seamless customer experience


Reduce ticket inflow, avoid repetitive incident logs, facilitate self-service on the portal, and improve resolution times with a repository of articles that can help the customers find answers to their problems.

Knowledge Base is a self-service system that works perfectly with the Live Chat and Ticket system.

WooCommerce Integration

If you sell your products through WooCommerce, there is no better way to handle all your customer tickets seamlessly than with a ThriveDesk.

You can check the total number of orders, order details, shipping information right inside the ThriveDesk conversation page.


SureCart is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to easily sell their products online. By integrating SureCart with ThriveDesk we give SureCart business owners the ability to streamline their customer service and support processes by managing their orders and customer information all in one place.

Now, As a SureCart business owner can access important customer information such as order history, shipping information, and payment details right within the ThriveDesk platform. By leveraging the power of both platforms, you can access important customer information, manage orders, and provide personalized support all in one place.


Freemius is a powerful platform that provides developers and businesses with a comprehensive set of tools for selling premium and freemium software, plugins, themes, templates, and SaaS. By Integrating Freemius with ThriveDesk, businesses can provide a better customer experience.

Now, you have all the necessary customer information readily available without switching between different systems or applications. Your support representatives can quickly respond to inquiries and provide personalized support. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors.

🎁 More Integrations

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Gravity Form
  • Fluent CRM
  • Fluent Form
  • WPForms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Appsero
  • Slack
  • SureCart
  • Freemius
  • Custom Apps

📊 Advanced reporting

ThriveDesk is designed to be a simple-to-use, powerful reporting tool. Thrivedesk’s Reporting tool offers a variety of metrics and reports that can help you make data-driven decisions to make sure you are serving your customers to the best of your abilities. It is a great tool for those who want to understand their progress and make changes accordingly.

📈 Reporting Features

  • Conversations reporting
  • Company reporting
  • Happiness score
  • Leaderboard
  • Agent performance
  • Much more…


  • WordPress Helpdesk plugin: Check all your tickets in one place
  • Reply ticket faster with real-time customer insights
  • Advance reporting: Complete overview of customer support and happiness score
  • WordPress Integration: WooCommerce, EDD, Slack, and more integrations
  • Easy setup: Setup your Shared Inbox in less than a minute.


The easiest way to install ThriveDesk is to search for it via your site’s Dashboard.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  • Search For “ThriveDesk”.
  • Install it by clicking the “Install Now” link.
  • When the installation finishes, click “Activate Plugin.”


Who should use ThriveDesk?

ThriveDesk is perfect for Bootstrapped SaaS startups, eCommerce businesses, WordPress plugin & theme businesses, and everyone else. If you want to communicate with your customers and provide excellent customer service, you need to use ThriveDesk.

Do I need to have coding skills to use ThriveDesk?

Absolutely not. ThriveDesk provide the most user-friendly live chat and helpdesk plugin for WordPress.

How much does ThriveDesk cost?

ThriveDesk is free for 7 days, and we don’t need your card details. Later on, you can extend your trial period and unlock new features by upgrading to premium plans.

What is Shared Inbox?

Shared Inbox is where all your tickets, live chat, and queries are directed, and the team collaborates to provide a better customer support experience.

A shared inbox is a central location where multiple agents can access and respond to customer inquiries, requests, and support tickets. It is a collaborative tool that allows teams to manage customer support requests and interact with customers in real-time.

In a shared inbox, all customer conversations are visible to every agent, so each team member can see what has been discussed and what actions have been taken. This helps ensure that all customer inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently, without any duplication of effort or miscommunication.

Do I need to install any additional tools to use the live chat widget?

No. ThriveDesk is a fully-integrated WordPress live chat solution. You can start chatting right after you install the ThriveDesk WP plugin and create a free ThriveDesk account.

Can I customize Live Chat plugin

Absolutely. You can customize live chat colors, upload your logo to match your brand.

Can several support agents use the free chat at the same time?

Yes. You can also transfer conversations between operators. It means that operators (and an unlimited number of customers) can use the live chat at once for free.

Are you GDPR friendly?

Privacy is our utmost priority, and we designed ThriveDesk in a way that aligned with GDRP.


#Update – 10 Feb 2024Solved by #Parvez Akther—–The support team at ThriveDesk has proven to be utterly useless. Despite reaching out with issues, their responsiveness is nonexistent, and problem resolution is a distant hope. Unfortunately, the experience has been marred by a lack of effective communication and a failure to address concerns promptly. Even through email, where responsiveness should be a priority, their silence has been deafening. This type of customer service not only falls short of expectations but severely impacts the user experience. A support team is the backbone of any service, and ThriveDesk’s failure in this regard undermines the trust and confidence users place in their platform. Improvement in responsiveness and issue resolution is not just a suggestion but a necessity for the betterment of user satisfaction and the overall reputation of ThriveDesk.
I love using Thrivedesk with WP. It makes managing customer tickets a breeze! We manage several different websites & each has it’s own Support center, but all websites are managed by the same team. Thrivedesk makes this easy with separate inboxes for each website which keeps everything clean & organized! Nice job team!
I have been using the ThriveDesk plugin for my website, saaspirate.com since I recive alot of partnership requests and you can see in the website I am using regular contact form plugin and I just fowarding mails to thrivedesk special email address, for a while now and I must say, it has been a game-changer for my business. As a SaaS company, providing efficient customer support is crucial and ThriveDesk has helped me achieve that. One of the things I love about this plugin is its ease of use. The support system is intuitive and allows me to easily track the status of each ticket, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. It also comes with features like canned responses, knowledge base, and automation rules which have saved me a lot of time and effort. The knowledge base feature, in particular, has been very useful in reducing the number of repetitive queries I receive. Overall, I highly recommend ThriveDesk to anyone looking for a reliable support plugin for their site.
We needed a way to streamline customer support and ThriveDesk had us up and running in no time. The integration with ChatGPT is amazing! We can now respond to customers quickly and accurately. ThriveDesk is the go-to live chat and help desk system for any organization that needs an efficient, cost-effective solution!


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  • Fix: WooCommerce product data missing issue
  • Fix : FunnelKit namespace issue


  • Update: Enhanced WooCommerce integration


  • Update: Modal UI
  • Fix : Search infinite loading
  • Fix : knowledge warnings


  • Feat: Connection process optimized for connecting WordPress site with Thrivedesk.
  • Feat: Added knowledge base to enhance search functionality on portal page.
  • Feat: Added dedicated portal page.
  • Update: Reorganized dashboard with settings for better user experience.= 1.2.4 =
  • Feat: Plugin is relocated to the main menu.


  • Feat: Woocommerce custom order status support added.


  • Assets Update


  • Feat: Woocommerce custom order ID support added.
  • Feat: Woocommerce AfterShip plugin support added.


  • Fix: User data conflict issue fixed.
  • Fix: Portal page caching issue fixed.
  • Fix: API key verification state issue fixed(Stable).
  • Update: Portal page UI improve with all major themes(10+).


  • Fix: EDD order overview issue resolved.
  • Update: WooCommerce shipping details checkbox warning handled.


  • Fix: Portal access issue resolved.
  • Update: New plans are added for WPPortal support.


  • Fix: Token authentication 2.0
  • Update: Warning messages
  • Update: Error handling


  • Add: Support tab to WooCommerce my account page
  • Fix: Token verification issues
  • Update: Routing update

= 1.1.0
– Update: Woocommerce Integration V2


  • Fix: Revert pro plan


  • Update: Starter plan support for Portal


  • Update: New plan added for Portal


  • Update: ThriveDesk plan list for Portal feature


  • Add: Permission check to run migration script


  • Update: Migration Script


  • Fix: Legacy post types support for WPPostSync integration


  • Updated ThriveDesk plan list


  • Fixed portal feature availability issue


  • Updated admin layout
  • Added gravatar support for the conversation details page
  • Fixed knowledge base search did not filter the results properly
  • Fixed various style issues
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Added translation file
  • Added RTL support for conversations


  • Added footer credit on conversations page
  • Fixed WP footer overlapping issue on portal settings
  • Fixed UTF-8 email parsing issue


  • Fixed no way to deselect the assistant once selected
  • Fixed an issue where conversation was not being fetched from the API
  • Updated the no ticket message on the conversation page


  • Added WP Post Sync option in the settings page


  • Added caching to improve response times and overall performance
  • Fixed an issue where the portal area was blank after successful verification
  • Fixed a bug where knowledge base docs were not being searched using the selected search provider
  • Fixed an issue where style and script files were being loaded on every page


  • Fixed an issue with an undefined variable that was causing errors in the console
  • Improved error handling for API calls to ensure that errors are properly handled and reported to the user


  • Conversation details did not show properly


  • Deployment image updated


  • NEW WordPress portal
  • Real-time knowledge base search added
  • Improved UI with new features and enhancements


  • Updated readme update workflow


  • NEW Guest order sync
  • Improved Customer identifier
  • Improved Products details
  • Improved and optimized shipping details= 0.9.8 =
  • Stable release of version 0.9.8


  • Updated ThriveDesk app url


  • Improved security
  • Improved performance


  • Tested plugin with WordPress version 5.9


  • Fixed swapped Autonami lists and tags info


  • Added EDD customer info
  • Fixed code formatting


  • Fixed rest route warning issue
  • Improved rest route api call


  • Fixed database migration bug


  • NEW Autonami integration
  • NEW WooCommerce order status check functionality
  • Improved FluentCrm integration


  • Fixed WordPress Post Sync tab border style
  • Fixed WordPress Post Sync image icon
  • Fixed plugin version tag


  • NEW WordPress Post Sync integration
  • Improved API request security


  • NEW FluentCRM integration
  • Fixed Typo here and there


  • Fixed ThriveDesk connection error
  • Fixed link color overriding by plugin


  • NEW plugin design
  • NEW WooCommerce Integration
  • NEW Added support for WooCommerce Software License plugin
  • Fixed EDD issues


  • Added support for EDD Software License


  • Added plugin connect and disconnect status
  • Added available integrations page
  • Updated API request validation


  • Improved API request & response security


  • Initial release