Post Ticker Ultimate


A very simple plugin to add and display horizontal or vertical tickers on your website that work with WordPress posts and Custom Post Type with the help of shortcode..

Ticker Ultimate Plugin enables you to create and display posts in fade, vertical and horizontal slider effect.

Check Demo and Features for additional information.

Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

This plugin contain one shortcode

Here is the shortcode example


Where you can display your recent post as headline.

Complete shortcode with all parameters

Ticker Ultimate Shortcode:

[wp_ticker category="5" ticker_title="News Tickers" color="#000" background_color="#2096CD" effect="fade" fontstyle="normal" autoplay="false" timer="4000" title_color="#000" border="false" post_type="post" post_cat="category" link="true" link_target="self"]

Use Following parameters with shortcode

  • Category: [wp_ticker category=”5″] (Ticker id for which you want to display posts.)
  • Ticker Title: [wp_ticker ticker_title=”News Tickers”] (Title of the Ticker you want to display.)
  • Color: [wp_ticker color=”#000″] (To change the post content color)
  • Title Color: [wp_ticker title_color=”#000″] (To change the Ticker Title color.)
  • Background Color: [wp_ticker background_color=”#2096CD”] (To change the News Ticker title background color.)
  • Effect: [wp_ticker effect=”fade”] (You can change the content effect. default effect is fade effect. values are “slide-h”, “slide-v”, “fade”.)
  • Font Style: [wp_ticker fontstyle=”normal”] (You can change the Font Style of the content. Values are “normal”, “bold”, “italic”.)
  • Border: [wp_ticker border=”true”] (Display Border to the Tickers. Values are “true” OR “false”.)
  • Autoplay: [wp_ticker autoplay=”true”] (Start tickers automatically. Values are “true” OR “false”.)
  • Timer: [wp_ticker timer=”3000″] (Control speed of ticker slider.)
  • Post Type: [wp_ticker post_type=”post”] (You can view the Default wordpress posts with ticker plugin.)
  • Post Category: [wp_ticker post_cat=”category”] (You can apply the Default wordpress category with ticker plugin.)
  • Link: [wp_ticker link=”true”] (You can able to remove link of ticker.)
  • Link Target: [wp_ticker link_target=”self”] (You can able to set target of link to current/new page.)

Template code is

<?php echo do_shortcode('[wp_ticker]'); ?>

Available Features :

  • Work with Custom Post Type
  • Custom Color Change of the Title
  • Custom Background Color Change of the Title
  • Ticker Slider Effect
  • Ticker Slider Timer
  • Default WordPress Posts Support
  • Strong shortcode parameters
  • 100% Multilanguage
  • Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

PRO Features :

Premium Version

  • 2 Styles
  • 2 Shortcodes (Post in ticker mode, RSS feed in ticker mode)
  • WP Templating Features Support
  • Visual Composer / WPBackery Support
  • Gutenberg Block Support
  • Default WordPress Posts Support
  • Custom Color Change of the Title
  • Custom Background Color Change of the Title
  • Ticker Slider Effect
  • Ticker Slider Timer
  • Exclude and Include categories
  • Order and OrderBy parameter
  • Custom CSS
  • Fully Responsive
  • Strong shortcode parameters
  • 100% Multilanguage

Check Demo and Features for additional information.

Privacy & Policy

  • We have also opt-in e-mail selection , once you download the plugin, so that we can inform you and nurture you about products and its features.


  • All design options
  • Output


  1. Upload the ‘Ticker Ultimate’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the “Ticker Ultimate” list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add a new page and add desired short code in that.


I needed a plugin that will display all post that has a certain category and found this one. It looked as if it would do what I needed but I could never get it set correctly. It would either show all post or it would just give me the name of the category I wanted. I had to submit a question to the support forum to get the right settings I needed to make it work like I wanted. It takes a combination of settings to do this but the documentation doesn't mention this or I just missed it. But the support team was quick to respond and give me the exact settings to use to achieve what I needed. Darrell Jordan
..and easy to use. Plus, the developpers are helpful, thanks
Good job! It's missing two options to be fantastic: background color and horizontal continuous slide effect. Thanks!
Edit - from one star to four (misses five for inadequate instructions) ... Please change the example shortcode and place category="" at the end. As it is (and with no other explanation, the [wp_ticker category="" ... appears to refer to the wp ticker category id, not the wordpress category id. Once one makes that logical, but false assumption, then it is logical, but again false, to assume that post_cat="category" at the end is where the wordpress category id is placed. Place category="" at the end and it is more likely your users will understand that is where the wordpress category id goes. And say there is no need for the wp ticker category Or is there a need? Perhaps for multiple wp tickers on a page? How does that work? Beef up the explanation please. ---------- Prior review - Spent some time with this and cannot get it to work. 1. Using the given shortcode, the category="" element breaks the shortcode, it just doesn´t show (using either the ticker category name or the ID from hovering over the name). 2. It does work without the category="" element and using all the other elements, BUT it does not respect the post_cat="category using either the WP category name or the ID from hovering over the name. It just rolls through ALL the posts titles. Add in the unsatisfactory effort made to explain the plugin´s use. The Demo has less info than the plugin description page or the details from the installed plugin list, and the "Plugin Documentation" link from the Demo page does not even list this plugin. Frustrating. Hope the developers put some effort into making it work and explaining it better, but they just wasted over an hour of my time. I´ll go elsewhere for a ticker.


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1.2.6 (14, July 2020)

  • [*] Follow WordPress Detailed Plugin Guidelines for Offload Media and Analytics Code.

1.2.5 (02, Jan 2020)

  • [*] Updated features list.
  • [*] Added ‘link’ and ‘link_target’ shortcode parameter
  • [*] Replaced wp_reset_query() to wp_reset_postdata().

1.2.4 (30, August 2019)

  • [*] Taken better security with esc_html_e and esc_attr.
  • [*] Updated demo links.

1.2.2 (14, Feb 2019)

  • [*] Minor change in Opt-in flow.

1.2.1 (31, Dec 2018)

  • [*] Update Opt-in flow.

1.2 (08, Dec 2018)

  • [*] Tested with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg.

1.1 (14, June 2018)

  • [*] Follow some WordPress Detailed Plugin Guidelines.

1.0.1 (25, Jan 2018)

  • [*] Fixed the issue with the ticker if link is not added (if user user use custom post type)


  • Initial release.