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Seems complete, honest, ... but has some serious issues. If one decides to install wordpress in /wordpress but keep the homelink to /, as described on, you are in bad luck. All original wordpress files are being considered as being invalid. Never try to execute some of the scans that take a long time. Your hoster might have a default timeout for execution of scripts. This plug-in does pass this timeout making those scripts fail. Good attempt, but need some improvement to be really useful.
A great plugin if you want to secure your WordPress installation. Three scans that reveil the most common vulnerabilities in your WordPress installation. Not only reveil but also great help in fixing them. It's become a standard plugin in all my WordPress installations.
This is a great plugin as a starting point to test your website vulnerabilities. I have tested this plugin with WordPress 4.6.1 and it works very well. If you need to know how your website is doing then I suggest you install this plugin, run a test and then patch and fix any vulnerabilities it finds. Well done to the developer 🙂 Keep up the great work. Regards
Me parece un plugin básico para mis páginas en wordpress


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