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Hi why after installing your theme I can see a new menu in left side navbar saying : Featured themes ? If Im installing your theme ist because I need a support servizc for my website then why adding a weird " Featured Theme " without letting user knows about it before? I saw this thing after a week and I had to loose hours to get finally where is comming that weird thing. Waiting for an honest responde. Cordialy Kiril
uCare- Support ticket system is a properly structured plugin system, which handles the tickets raised by customers pretty structural and makes it easy to manage and update the ticket status. One of the best things about this plugin is that it can be easily incorporated in the website as it runs completely different from the actual website. The system is quite fast in assigning the tickets to agents for faster query solving and its pretty lightweight too as there is no time gap when loading the website. Also, we can change the language to multiple major international languages which makes it easier for the user to raise a ticket and for us to handle it. Overall, I like the UCare-Support ticket system and I have also incorporated it into my existing website. I would definitely suggest this plugin to everyone.
Ucare help desk is a true help guide that actually helped me in resolving my issue. The customer support is simply amazing and quick when it comes to response. I really liked the way the customer care representative made a quick response to my query. My first experience with the Ucare support was so good that i have recommended it to my friends and people I know. This help portal is definitely a good platform to get your queries and issues solved. Thanks a lot ucare help desk!
This plugin is terrible. It has a lot of bugs. I CAN NOT DELETE, SUPPORT IS POOR, I BOOUGHT THE PREMIUM pluging ZERO support. When I press create Ticket nothing happens. Its a TERRIBLE PLUGIN
I used to love this plugin and now am very sorry for installing it and very worried about potential possible security issues. I was told by my web host provider a day or two ago that in their opinion they say the plugin as blocking access to their databases. They told me not to worry, however, as they were sure the plugin developer would issue a update or patch. Now just tonight, I went in to work on a site and could not use the pagebuilder Divi. Divi simply would not display at all and was clearly blocked. When I deactivated Ucare I could access Divi again. When I tried to delete it I could not. When I checked the forum I could see others complaining about being unable to delete the plugin and not getting any responses. This is causing concerns. I tried to delete the plugin myself and could not so will have to get my hosting provider to help me use FTP to see if it can removed that way. But so far....strange issues that are concerning and no response as to the inability to delete the plugin if you should want to do so....


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