Muito bom, plugin leve e fácil de usar, parabéns aos desenvolvedores...

Excellente extension

Toutes mes félicitations pour votre travail de professionnel.Très simple à paramétrer, pour un résultat magnifique. Merci beaucoup pour le temps que vous nous avez offert à créer ce bijou. Mahele.

Beautiful Work!!! 5 stars

We’ve spent 4 days testing various WP galleries and this is without doubt the best (OK it’s only our opinion) but I thought I would write to let you know how amazing this plugin is. Initially we had problems getting either images or videos to display, however, thanks to your error message when there are no images loaded into a gallery we knew that it was aproblem with either the theme or another plugin. And we found the problem was due the way Speed Booster Pack (plugin) processes code. It’s so good it is hard to know why we would buy the Pro version but we will anyway. Thank You!!! Richard


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