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la integración con Gravity forms lo mejor, no tengo que pagar por el plugin, es muy personalizable y se adapta perfecto a mi proyecto.
2019年6月24日 1 reply
De todos los que probe, este fue el plugin que mas soluciones brindo a mi web. Realmente creo que los que lo desarrollaron pensaron 100% en la practicidad y el enfoque comercial.
While this has the potential to be a brilliant plugin, it's developers don't seem to be too keen to finish it. The system will collect leads from forms, which is great, but when it comes to sorting them, it doesn't email the users, and all users can see and edit all the leads. On this forum, the devs said they'd fix this in 'the next version', and suggested that in the meantime we try and fix it ourselves, and that was over a year ago. If this plugin works for you as it is, then great, but don't hold your breath hoping for fixes or updates.
5 Stars to this great, simple to use plugin. It allows me to establish teams, hierarchy and autolead assignments. Some minor issus, that I'm sure will be addressed soon, regarding admin panel. Nothing that will keep you away from working. Tech support DOES work, and vey well. I fully recommend the plugin.


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