It’s a No-Brainer for conversions which runs automatically on your website!

What are Influence Notifications?
Influence picks up the real time events data from your website & displays it on ‘Social Proof Notifications’. These are classified into ‘Recent Activity’, ‘Bulk Activity’ & ‘Live Visitors’.
Everything is fully customizeable! You can set the ‘Styles’ & ‘Behaviors’ of your notification popups from Influence dashboard. Add-on: Influence Analytics – You can also monitor analytics, conversion % & several other metrics.

How does these notifications help?
Think of this as a ‘Social stamping’ by your existing customers/users which is flashed to your new prospective customers. After seeing the activities of existing users, your website visitors are more likely to convert & make a purchase. It’s a scientifically proven psychological phenomenon for customer buying behaviours.

What are the benefits? Some websites have seen over 200% conversion improvements after installing ‘Influence’. On an average Influence users measure about 25-30% improvements over their existing conversions.

Does Influence collect & store any data from the websites (or of website users)?
Yes, our analytics code collect only the relevant information from your website like visitor emails, visitor journey, location, time-stamps etc., which are essential to the product feature delivery. NO sensitive information is being picked or stored by Influence. Data Storage – All the data is being stored in Google Cloud servers located in “Central USA”. Influence is GDPR compliant, which means that all the Influence customers & users (direct or indirect) have the ultimate control over their data. Any user can choose to hide or delete its data from our servers, for doing this you have to write to our Support (‘’) using the connected email-id which you own & want us to delete/hide from our servers.

{Note: Influence notifications don’t show any sensitive user information which may give away their identities.}

What is Influence Tracking Pixel (trackingID?
We insert this universal tracking script which collects event information from the website and sends it to our servers where we process it and serves it in high quality notifications & analytics.

About Influence’s WordPress Plugin. Influence plugin uses a unique ‘TrackingId’ which can be picked from inside user’s Influence dashboard.

All the data moves using ‘influence-analytics.js’ file which is hosted on our secured Google Cloud Storage (using Google APIs as a service).


  • Social Proof in action
    1. More Social Proof
  • Notification types
  • Simple intuitive dashboard


Useinfluence plugin installation is as as easy as it gets, & it works with both WordPress and WooCommerce on your websites.

Useinfluence is a subscription based service, subscription plans are available on the UseInfluence website. There’s a trial period of 7 days on every plan.


1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen OR unzip the plugin archive to '/wp-content/plugins'
2. On the WordPress 'Plugins' page, activate the plugin.
3. Select "Useinfluence" menu item on the sidebar.
4. Copy your 'Tracking ID' from Useinfluence dashboard and click "Save".
5. In the Useinfluence dashboard hit "Verify" and follow the wizard. 
6. Sit back and watch your conversions go up!


  • Useinfluence inject the UseInfluence Javascript code into your website’s header, to display notifications.

  • Useinfluence is a cloud based service and the plugin communicates with the UseInfluence servers,
    including remote webhook calls, data collected as mentioned above.


  1. What’s the cost?

    We have four plans, each with 7 days free trial. Depending on your website's traffic you can choose from 'Startup ($15)', 'Growth ($39)', 'Advanced ($65)' & 'Enterprise ($189)'. For Yearly plans you just have to pay for 10 months.
    1. How do I revoke my Influence membership?

      You can giveup your membership whenever you feel like. Get in touch with us through our website or email ( After revoking your membership, all your data will be wiped off from our cloud storage.

    2. Can I temporarily disable my account for an indefinite period?

      Yes you can! Please contact our support for more information. (

Also, please checkout our:

1. Terms of service

2. Privacy Policy


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