WaterWoo PDF Plugin


Protect your intellectual property! WaterWoo PDF allows WooCommerce site administrators to apply custom watermarks to PDFs upon sale.

WaterWoo PDF is a plugin that adds a watermark to every page of your sold PDF file(s). The watermark is customizable with font face, font color, font size, placement, and text. Not only that, but since the watermark is added when the download button is clicked (either on the customer’s order confirmation page or email), the watermark can include customer-specific data such as the customer’s first name, last name, and email. Your watermark is highly customizable and manipulatable, practically magic!

Please note you must have WooCommerce plugin installed and activated for this plugin to work. This plugin watermarks WooCommerce PDF products.

If have a WordPress site and need to watermark PDFs, but do not have WooCommerce, check out WP TCPDF Bridge.


  • Watermark only designated PDF downloads (as specified by you), or all PDF downloads from your site
  • Files do not need to be in a specific directory
  • Super customizable placement: watermark can be moved all over the page, allowing for different paper sizes (such as letter, A4, legal, etc)
  • Watermark is applied to all pages of every PDF purchased
  • Watermarks upon click of either the customer’s order confirmation page link, email order confirmation link, or My Account page download links
  • Dynamic customer data inputs (customer first name, last name, email, order paid date, and phone)
  • Choice of font face, color, size and placement (horizontal line of text anywhere on the page).

Premium version:

The free version works fine for most people, but WaterWoo PDF Premium offers these helpful extra features in addition to free features:

  • Optionally password protect and/or set PDF permissions (copy, annotate, or modify, etc) while encrypting PDFs
  • Keep original file name
  • Watermark all PDF files with same settings OR set individual watermarks/passwords per product or even per product variation!
  • Additional, rotatable watermark location – two watermark locations on one page!
  • Additional text formatting options, such as font color and style (bold, italics)
  • Semi-opaque (transparent) watermarks
  • RTL (right to left) watermarking
  • Use of some HTML tags to style your output, including text-align CSS styling (right, center, left is default), links (<a>), bold (<strong>), italic (<em>)…
  • Line-wrapping, forced breaks with <p> and <br /> tags
  • Preserves external embedded PDF links despite watermarking; internal links are not preserved (research “WooStamper” for this feature)
  • AJAX font uploader – use your own font for stamping. Also, hooks to further customize font use
  • Additional dynamic customer data input (business name, address, order number, product name, quantity of product), hooks for adding even more
  • Filter hooks to add 1D and 2D barcodes (including QR codes)
  • Begin watermark on selected page of PDF document (to avoid watermarking a cover page, for example), and/or select end page
  • Watermark every page, odd pages, or even pages
  • Test watermark and/or manually watermark a file on the fly, from the admin panel

Check out the full-featured version of this plugin! WaterWoo is the only watermarker for WordPress which includes necessary libraries (so you don’t have to ask your host to load them), is compatible with PHP 7, and watermarks ALL versions of PDFs (not just older versions).


  • Screenshot of the settings page, as a Woocommerce settings tab.



  1. WordPress 4.9 or newer
  2. WooCommerce plugin version 3.0 and newer, and PDF products
  3. PHP version 5.6 or newer. The fresher, the better!
  4. If you are selling large files or have high sales traffic, you may need to upgrade your hosting account. Do at least set your PHP memory limit high.

To install plugin

  1. Upload the entire “waterwoo-pdf” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. 「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化します。
  3. Visit WooCommerce->Settings->Watermark tab to set your plugin preferences.
  4. Please test your watermarking by making mock purchases before going live to make sure it works and looks great!
  5. Note: for this to work you might need to have pretty URLs enabled from the WP settings. Otherwise a 404 error will be thrown.

To remove plugin:

  1. Deactivate plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Delete plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


It doesn’t seem to work

  1. Is WooCommerce installed, and do you have a PDF product in your shop to watermark?
  2. Have you checked the box at the top of your settings page (Woocommerce -> Settings -> Watermark) so that watermarking is enabled?
  3. Have you entered your PDF file names correctly in the second field if you’ve entered any at all?
  4. Is your Y fine-tuning adjustment off the page? Read more below under “Why does the watermark go off the page, create blank pages?”.
  5. Check your WP debug logs (link to instructions below). If logs suggest your PDF is “goofy” or “template does not exist,” try using Apple Preview application to resave your PDF by clicking “Export as PDF” in the menu. Preview might fix bad PDF syntax and allow your PDF to be processed for watermarking.

Please do get in touch with your issues via the WordPress.org support forum before leaving negative feedback about this free plugin.

If requesting help using the WordPress.org support forum, please state which versions WordPress/WooCommerce/WaterWoo you are using, and what error messages if any you are seeing. You will find more detailed error messaging if you turn on WordPress debugging. Screenshots and clear descriptions of the steps it takes to reproduce your problem are also very helpful. Please also make your support request TITLE descriptive. If the answer to your question can be found on this page, you might be waiting a while to hear from me, as I must prioritize support requests. Thanks for understanding.

Do not use the WordPress.org support forum for help with the Premium (paid) version of WaterWoo – that is against WordPress.org rules.

Where do I change watermark settings?

You can find the WaterWoo settings page by clicking on the “settings” link under the WaterWoo PDF plugin title on your WordPress plugins panel, or by navigating to the WooCommerce->Settings->Watermark tab.

My watermark isn’t English

Select the “Deja Vu,” “Furat,” or “M Sung” font in the WaterWoo settings panel if your language uses accent characters and find out if one supports characters in your language.

A primary reason watermarks do not show up is when the watermark contains special characters but a font which doesn’t support those characters is in use.

How do I test my watermark?

Maybe create a coupon in your Woocommerce shop to allow 100% free purchases. Don’t share this coupon code with anyone! Test your watermark by purchasing PDFs from your shop using the coupon. It’s a bit more tedious. If you want an easier go of it (on-the-fly testing), purchase the Premium version of this plugin.

Why does the watermark go off the page, create blank pages?

Your watermark text string is too big or long for the page, and goes off it! Try decreasing font size or using the Y fine tuners to move the watermark back onto the page. Try lowering your “y-axis” value. This number corresponds to how many millimeters you want the watermark moved down the page. For example, if your PDF page is 11 inches tall, your Y-axis setting should be a deal less than 279.4mm in order for a watermark to show. The built-in adjustments on the settings page ultimately allow for watermarking on all document sizes. You may need to edit your watermark if it is too verbose.

New in version 2.6 you can use a negative integer value for your Y-tuner and measure up from the bottom of the page. This is especially helpful if your PDF has variable sized pages.

Where do the watermarked files go?

They are generated with a unique name and stored in the same folder as your original WordPress/Woo product media upload (usually wp-content/uploads/year/month/file). The unique name includes the order number and a time stamp. If your end user complains of not being able to access their custom PDF for some reason (most often after their max number of downloads is exceeded), you can find it in that folder, right alongside your original.

However, if you are using Woo FORCED downloads, the plugin attempts to delete the watermarked files after being delivered. If you don’t like that behavior, you can change it with the ‘wwpdf_do_cleanup’ filter hook (set it to FALSE).

Will WaterWoo PDF watermark images?

WaterWoo PDF is intended to watermark PDF (.pdf) files. If you are specifically looking to watermark image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .etc), you may want to look into a plugin such as Image Watermark.

Does this work for ePub/Mobi files

No, sorry. This plugin is just for PDF files.

WaterWoo seems to break my PDF

WaterWoo PDF is a plugin which bridges WooCommerce and the open-source PDF reading TCPDI and PDF writing TCPDF library. WaterWoo functions by parsing/reading your PDF into memory the best it can, then adding a watermark to the PDF syntax and outputting a revised file. Between the reading and output, certain features may be lost and other features (interactive PDF elements like internal links and fillable forms) will be lost. This is a limitation of a third-party library and the wild-west nature of PDF syntax, and not the fault of WaterWoo. If you are serious about watermarking and/or encrypting complex PDF files, look into WooStamper. Ultimately, WaterWoo PDF is best for simple, smaller-sized PDFs.

Is there a fallback in case watermarking fails?

Yes, you can serve the file untouched if watermarking fails, and avoid any error messages, by using the following filter code in your (child) theme functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wwpdf_serve_unwatermarked_file', '__return_true' );

If you do not know how to edit your functions.php file, you can use the Code Snippets plugin to easily add this code to your WP site frontend.


we have looked for so long, finally we have found a great plugin to add a watermark to our pdf (Virtualproducts) the customer service is very fast and super nice - I can recommend the plugin 5 von 5 stars!!
Can someone help me? for the text-align center where I need to put this code? <span style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;">center some bold text</span>
Great tool! Easy to configure, basic settings but more than enough for my use case. Thanks!
Works great, thanks for helping protect my IP. Free version worked fine until recently, recent updates to who knows what broke plugin. I updated to premium and everything works find... worth the money.
Waterwoo is working fine for us to add simple watermarks to our PDF files sold via Woocommerce. We only encountered a few problems after release of latest major version 2.4, but those were solved incredible fast after opening an issue on support forum. Thanks a lot for this perfect and free tool.


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2.7.8 – 21/0ct/2020

  • Testing with WooCommerce version 4.6
  • Minor changes to readme.txt

2.7.7 – 8/0ct/2020

  • Error logging for if (corrupted) PDF /Root not found – helpful feedback for a delivery failure
  • More descriptive error source added to error log lines for easier tracing
  • Clear on-screen error feedback with instructions for folks trying to watermark remotely-hosted PDFs
  • Reverse chronological order of changelog, clean up upgrade notices in readme.txt, archive changelog to trunk
  • Fallback instructions added to readme.txt
  • Update language files

2.7.6 – 29/Sep/2020

  • Deal with file paths same way with new Woo filter as with old in classes/wwpdf-file-handler.php

2.7.5 – 24/Sep/2020

  • Fix – Better accommodate files listed in Woo by absolute path
  • Tweak – Minor updates to TCPDF for PHP 7+ compatibility
  • Testing with WooCommerce version 4.5

2.7.4 – 12/Jul/2020

  • Fix – Account for PDFs not stored in the /wp-content directory

2.7.3 – 11/Jul/2020

  • Fix – property $size not correctly defined in classes/wwpdf-watermark.php line 47
  • Tweak – don’t attempt to remove ABSPATH from watermarked file path before returning to WC in classes/wwpdf-file-handler.php
  • Tweak – filters ‘wwpdf_filter_file_list’, ‘wwpdf_filter_file_path’ and ‘wwpdf_filter_watermarked_file’ added in classes/wwpdf-file-handler.php
  • Tweak – use order ID instead of order key for unique file naming, order ID now before time()
  • Tweak – use new WC filter ‘woocommerce_download_product_filepath’ for Woo 4.0+ users
  • Tweak – enforce use of Woo 3.0+
  • Testing with WooCommerce version 4.3

2.7.2 – 2/Jul/2020

  • Fix – check if $res exists for PHP 7+ compatibility inc/tcpdi/tcpdi_parser.php line 1325
  • Tweak – thorough class renaming for TCPDF/TCPDI to avoid conflicts with other PDF-manipulating plugins
  • Tweak – more reliable handling of variable page size watermark placement in classes/wwpdf-watermark.php

2.7.1 – 22/Jun/2020

  • Fix – cleanup expecting file and finding object in classes/wwpdf-file-handler.php line 67

2.7 – 15/Jun/2020

  • Feature – [TIMESTAMP] shortcode watermarks date file was downloaded/marked (use [DATE] for sold date)
  • Feature – ‘wwpdf_before_output’ action hook for folks wanting to get entrepreneuring with TCPDF
  • Feature – compatibility up to PHP 7.4.2
  • Testing to WC 4.2.0
  • Testing to WP 5.4.2

2.6.1 – 16/May/2020

  • Tweak – use str_replace instead of preg_replace with shortcodes in classes/wwpdf-file-handler for speed
  • Tweak – use output buffering while processing PDF with TCPDI/TCPDF
  • Tweak – log potential errors to debug.log while showing customers simple (filterable) error message
  • Tweak – don’t try to center watermark if using large font size
  • Update TCPDF library to version 6.3.2 for better compatibility with PHP 7
  • Testing to WC 4.1.0
  • Testing to WP 5.4.1

2.6 – 9/Apr/2020

  • Feature – allow for watermark placement measured from bottom of PDF page by using negative integer for Y-tuner
  • Testing to WC 4.0.1
  • Testing to WP 5.4
  • Update .pot file

2.5.1 – 10/Feb/2020

  • Testing to WC 3.9.1
  • Rephrase test for PDF in classes/wwpdf-file-handler.php – don’t allow non-PDFs through watermarker

2.5 – 20/Jan/2020

  • Improve autoloader, performance improvements
  • Added Deja Vu font, which has extensive international language character support
  • Added compatibility check – because folks really should be upgrading their servers before running e-commerce!
  • ‘woocommerce_product_file_download_path’ is a filter, not an action hook in classes/wwpdf-file-handler

2.4.6 – 8/Jan/2020

  • Required WP version moved from 4.4 to 4.9
  • Class naming and checks to prevent conflicts with other plugins using TCPDI/TCPDF
  • Update Flate filter
  • Added M Sung font, which also supports Chinese characters
  • Added Furat font, which also supports Arabic characters
  • Update lang files

2.4.5 – 22/11/2019

  • Testing with WooCommerce 3.8
  • Update language files
  • Tweak – allow font sizes down to 1pt in settings (previously 6pt)

2.4.4 – 18/Aug/2019

  • Fix for settings not updating, fire settings hooks earlier in waterwoo-pdf.php
  • Links to waterwoo official website updated, and with noopener rel tags
  • Testing with WooCommerce 3.7
  • Minimum requirements for PHP, WordPress, and WooCommerce updated


  • Tweak – /inc/tcpdi/tcpdi_parser.php property getXrefData() – runs 4-5x faster
  • Importannotations() in order to allow preserving of many (external) URL links in PDF

2.4.2 – 11/Jul/2019

  • Retain special UTF-8 characters while watermarking

2.4.1 – 10/Jul/2019

  • TCPDF properties SetAutoPageBreak and SetMargins used to remove margins on Text Cell for more accurate watermark Y positioning
  • Extra fonts removed to slim down plugin folder size
  • WooCommerce testing compatibility with version 2.6.5

2.4 – 6/Jul/2019

  • Use TCPDI/TCPDF libraries in favor of FPDI/FPDF in order to offer watermarking for ALL version PDFs
  • WP/WooCommerce compatibility version updated

2.3 – 13/Dec/2018

  • Improved error handling for FPDI limitations
  • File cleanup improvement
  • FPDI and FPDF updated to most recent available versions with performance enhancements
  • WP/WooCommerce compatibility version updated
  • DB cleanup option added for uninstall events

2.2 – 8/Aug/2018

  • Filter hook ‘wwpdf_add_custom_font’ added to /classes/class-wwpdf-watermark.php
  • Language file updates
  • Convert non-printable Unicode characters into the “equivalent” ASCII
  • Notice to customers placed in settings to clarify free plugin limitations

2.1 – 20/Jun/2018

  • SQL calls removed from /classes/class-wwpdf-file-handler.php
  • Filter hooks added to /classes/class-wwpdf-file-handler.php: ‘wwpdf_filter_footer’ to filter footer watermark input; ‘wwpdf_font_decode’ & ‘wwpdf_out_charset’ filters to allow character encoding manipulation
  • Minor readability improvement to settings page
  • Remove PHP each() from FPDI to get ready for PHP 7.2
  • Fix so download link in Woo order management screen is watermarked

2.0 – 30/May/2018

  • Drop support for versions of WooCommerce older than 2.4 (released 8/10/2015)
  • Fix missing HTTP vars in wwpdf_file_handler and waterwoo-pdf.php

Older changes are found in the changelog.txt file in the plugin directory.