Shipping Method for Day & Ross on Woocommerce


This plugin will help you to use Day & Ross Services in Woocommerce plugin by adding a new shipping method to your shop.
Also, it’s completely compatible with Woocommerce and uses Day & Ross API.

Available features

  • Get rates from Day & Ross API
  • Save shipment details into order
  • Rate Name Adjustment
  • Rate Price Adjustment ($ or %)
  • Rate Delivery Adjustment (Delay)
  • Product Setting for special services
  • Product Setting for additional services

Elite paid features

  • Submit pickup to Day&Ross API
  • Print shipping labels

Please note that this plugin’s been made for who want to submit and manage their shipments from main service site, so it means the plugin will not send pickup requests to Day & Ross server.


  • General Settings
  • Services Settings
  • Simple Product Settings
  • Variable Product Settings
  • Cart Shipping Calculator
  • Result of Submitting Order With Day&Ross Shipping


Where can I know more about elite version of this plugin?

Simply you can email us (!




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