WooCommerce Accounting Report


This is the report that will make your accountant happy!

You will find the report in the WooCommerce->Reports section (if you need a country specific report, please contact us and we will add what is needed)

The report is working with WPML and Polylang and will specify the fee part for Stripe payments (if you have a payment plugin storing data on orders and you want it in the report, please contact us)

Configuration can be found at WooCommerce->Settings->Accounting Report

The configuration that can be done id:

Report country – Currently the generic report is the only selection.

Base the report on status – The report can be based on the date when orders are set to the ‘Completed’ or ‘Paid’ status. Select based on your workflow accounting process.

Tax Class for refunds – Somnetimes refunds in WooCommerce can be done wihtout specifying a tax class. Select what tax class to use at that point.

Treat all sales as local – If you do want the report to list all sales as local rather than grouping.

Send bug reports or suggestions to hello@bjorntech.com


I stumbled upon this plugin while looking for a way to distinguish VAT according to country for my Woocommerce orders. I'm usually careful to avoid plugins with low take-up and no reviews, but this seemed to offer exactly I was looking for and more. My accountant could only offer a spreadsheet solution but this has saved me from that unecessary effort! I can filter according to completed order or completed payment and it also distinguishes the zero rated payment gateway fees from Stripe. This plugin has removed the pain from VAT accounting. I totally recommend it 🙂


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  • Fix: Changed readme.txt to reflect that the plugin is compatible with WC 4.4 and WP 5.5


  • Fix: Changed readme.txt to reflect that the plugin is compatible with WC 4.2 and WP 5.4
  • Fix: Changed support e-mail.
  • Fix: Changed author to BjornTech AB


  • Fix: Some refunded orders where showing up both at creation date and payment completed date.
  • Fix: Differences in calculated order value vs recorded does not show if 0 when rounding with site decimals


  • New: Currency conversion if sales is done in currecy that is not the base currency.
  • Fix: Report is crashing if it can not find a tax rate on a refund, now it is using the tax rate specified in the settings.


  • Fix: Refunded orders was duplicated in some cases


  • First public release