IMS Woo Ajax Cart Count


Woo Ajax Cart Count allow user to display cart total in any where in site. You just need to place short code [WooAjaxCartCount] in template. Thats All.

  • Check out the [ Demo ]


  • Cart Count
  • Woocommerce Support
  • Price Hide Option
  • Shortcode Apply
  • Price Hide show option
  • Icon & Color Option
  • Font Size Option


  • Installation - Search Ace Social Chat & Install Ace Social Chat Plugin.

  • Activation - Activate Ace Social Chat Plugin.

  • Settings - Make Customization in settings according your requirements. Button Color, Background color, text colour, Display options, Woocommerce.

  • Shortcodes - Also get shoctcodes of added Agents, that can applied in multiple section according to the requirements.

  • ** Cart Display On Page ** - Check Your Website Page where you add your shortcode and it Display.


  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for ” IMS Ajax Cart Count “
  3. Click ” Install “
  4. Click ” Active “.
  5. Click on Setting and then IMS Ajax Cart Count for setting option and shortcode.
  6. You can customize cart Icon (FontAwesome), color, size and price option.


Can We have option to hide price on cart?

Yes, you can change from Dropdown with Yes or No.

Where i can Find my shortcode?

Your shortcode is on that place where you customize your settings.

Can this plugin work without Woocommerce ?

No, This plugin only work with Woocommerce support.

Where can I report a bug?

Report bugs, suggest ideas, and participate in development at


2018年11月9日 1 reply
Saved me a lot of time. Works as described and very easy to use. Just a little suggestion add option for adding a label such as "View my cart"


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開発に興味がありますか ?

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