User Email Verification for WooCommerce


Woocommerce Email Verificationプラグインは、登録時にユーザーの電子メールに確認リンクを送信することにより、ユーザーのメールアドレスを確認します。

Once the user verifies his identity he can login into his account.

Woocommerce メールの確認:

  • 取得している注文は、詐欺または偽の注文ではありません。
  • 管理者は購入者の身元を確認するための確認メールを手動で送信できます。
  • 完全にカスタマイズ可能な確認メールが送信されます。


  • 購入者の身元を確認する
  • 迷惑メールとの戦い
  • Have additional details in case of Chargebacks

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  • Native WooCommerce email template
  • Customisable email template
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Merge tags to customise email

Note: Over the last two weeks, we have gone through a lot of pending support tickets, improved codebase and created a list of new features.

XLPlugins has taken over the development of this plugin. We are improving this plugin and will be pushing out new features soon.
We thank Sandeep Soni for developing this plugin and allowing us to continue its development.


  • User notice when access is not allowed.
  • User Email to verify Email (Custom)
  • User Email to verify Email (WC Native)
  • User Notice when account created using Checkout
  • Admin Settings: Email Content
  • Admin Settings: Test/Preview Email
  • Admin Settings: Customize all user notices
  • Admin Settings: Bulk Verification
  • Admin Settings: Misc Settings




  1. Upload woo to the add new plugins in WordPress admin
  2. WordPress の「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化してください
  3. WC メール設定メニューでテンプレートとメールアドレスを設定する


As others stated, it does work with the native WP php mail functionality and also with other smtp mail plugins. Just make sure you work through all steps and fill the email body with text. Great plugin!!!
Plenty of complaints from people who have not configured the plugin before complaining that it doesn't work. It works perfectly as described, many thanks. The only thing this plugin could do better is to insert its verification link info into the email that woo-commerce / WP is already generating for new accounts so that there is only the one email being sent not two. For those who are having difficulty and coming here to complain, don't expect so much free service from someone who has written and delivered a free plugin. They have done a fantastic job and the only cost to you to use this brilliant plugin is to spend 5 minutes working out how to use it. Consider: Emails getting Spammed - not the plugins fault, look at your email delivery system (WPMail or SMTP etc) and the content of the email (say spammy things and it will look like spam) - nothing this plugin will cause the emails generated to be seen as spam, they are simply sending the text you put in through the delivery system you are providing from the address you are asking... Email not sending - Have you configured the text to be sent... if the email being generated is missing a body due to lack of configuration, the wordpress system may not send it or the email servers may reject it, or mark it as spam Not working with 'WP Mail SMTP' or other mail generation plugin - again not the plugin, if your WordPress email system is set up correctly it will work properly - the plugin is simply sending an email through the mail generation functions provided by WordPress - if you have set up an alternative SMTP or other plugin then this email is being hijacked by said SMTP plugin to be handled in a particular way. The Email Verification plugin is simply telling WordPress to send some text as an email if WordPress won't send it then its something to do with your WordPress setup
I can only discourage everybody from using this plugin. It does not work, when a SMTP-Mailer is installed instead of the normal WP-Php-Mailer. I wrote the Support 4 days ago. First, they closed my ticket, without any response. Second, when I reopened it and asked them, what will happen next, or if there will be no support, I didn't even receive an answer. A BIG THUMBS DOWN!!! 🙁
Initially the plugin did not work, Yet then I added the "Easy WP SMTP" plugin, then I added the "User Email Verification for WooCommerce" they worked well together 🙂


User Email Verification for WooCommerce はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“User Email Verification for WooCommerce” は1ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“User Email Verification for WooCommerce” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


= 3.5.0
* Added: Compatible with ‘WooCommerce social login’ plugin by SkyVerge. Auto verifying socially login users.
* Fixed: Resent email with Elementor, issue resolved.
* Improved: Some code improvement done.

= 3.4.1
* Compatible with WordPress 5.2.1.
* Compatible with WooCommerce 3.6.4.

= 3.4.0
* Fixed: Vulnerability resolved for admin settings. Thank you Brad Griffin for bringing it to our attention.

= 3.3.0
* Added: Compatible with WordPress 5.0 and 5.1.
* Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.5.5.
* Fixed: Security fix with login.

= 3.2.0
* Security update: Prohibited direct access.
* Added: htaccess file to block access in supportive xl folders inside uploads.
* Added: New filter option has been added for filtering the verified and unverified users from users listing screen.
* Changed: Default email subject and email heading, added display_name to them to avoid mail going into spam.
* Fixed: Changed notice ‘Resend Confirmation Email’ to ‘Your email is already verified’ if a user is verified in other window and clicks on ‘Resend Confirmation Eamil’ link again.
* Added: Provided new merge tag {{xlwuev_display_name}} to add in email subject to avoid spam mail.

= 3.1.15
* Fixed: Session issue.
* Added: Verification link text merge tag added for showing the verification link text.

= 3.1.14
* Fixed: Auth cookie issue has been resolved after order when user has not verified its email.
* Fixed: Verification notice issue has been resolved.

= 3.1.13
* Fixed: Huge gap issue in the verification email has been resolved for the Woocommerce native Email Header option
* Added: A link to un-verify a user

= 3.1.12
* Added: Compatibility for the verification check on forcefully login the user by setting the auth cookie is added.
* Added: wp_mail() is replaced by WooCommerce Mailer for sending verification emails.
* Added: New option for showing error messages on custom page is added in plugin settings screen.

= 3.1.11
* Fixed: Issue for adding values for the columns added in the user listing screen by other plugins has been resolved.

= 3.1.10
* Fixed: Headers already sent issue on bulk verification tab.

= 3.1.9
* Added: Textarea added for verification link text in plugin settings screen.

= 3.1.8
* Fixed: Notice on Preview Email settings tabs under WooCommerce settings has been fixed.
* Fixed: Email Deliverability has been improved.
* Added: Support for custom WooCommerce forms.

= 3.1.7
* Fixed: Resend Confirmation Email issue has been fixed.

= 3.1.6
* Fixed: Notice issue has been fixed when unverified user tries to login.
* Added: New option added to allow user to automatically logged into the My-Account after successful email verification.

= 3.1.5
* Fixed: Old shortcode of email verification link can now be used in native WooCommerce native email template.
* Added: ‘xlwuev_modify_before_email’ filter added for modifying the email content before sending the verification email when custom header footer option is selected.
* Added: ‘xlwuev_trigger_after_email’ action added after the verification email is sent.
* Added: ‘xlwuev_on_email_verification’ action added after the customer verifies the email.

= 3.1.4
* Fixed: Apostrophe saving issue in email subject has been fixed.
* Fixed: My-Account Redirect issue from WooCommerce order pay page has been fixed.

= 3.1.3
* Fixed: Verification link has been corrected when user has saved the native WooCommerce Welcome Email option from plugin setting screen.
* Added: Doctype & HTML body added in email to reduce the email delivery time.
* Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.4

= 3.1.2
* Fixed: Test Email plugin setting is now fixed.

= 3.1.1
* Fixed: PHP 7 compatibility issue while saving the plugin settings.

= 3.1.0
* Added: WordPress compatibility upto version 4.9
* Modified: Changed the plugin settings into tabular UI.
* Added: Provided the option for Custom email body or WooCommerce email header, footer and styling.
* Added: Provided the option for restricting the user to login if email is not verified.
* Added: Provided the option for verification success page.
* Added: Provided the option for styling the email body with WYSIWYG editor.
* Added: Provided merge tags as {{xlwuev_user_login}} {{xlwuev_user_email}} {{xlwuev_user_verification_link}} {{xlwuev_resend_link}} {{xlwuev_site_login_link}} {{sitename}} {{sitename_with_link}}
* Added: Provided the options for showing custom messages to customers.
* Added: The plugin now supports WPML Compatibility.

= 3.0.2
* Fixed: Session issues in the notification messages (issue found against WC Vendor plugin)
* Added: In WordPress dashboard, a notification is displayed after manual user verification.
* Added: Email verification feature added on the Checkout page. A notification displayed in checkout page after verification email sent.
* Removed: In WordPress dashboard, plugin menu is removed and shifted under xlplugin menu.


  • Fixed: XlPlugins’s take over notice was not getting dismissed, link was going to wrong path.


  • 追加:ユーザーがメールアカウントを確認したときに表示されるメッセージ(Success Message)と、ユーザーがメールアカウントを確認していないときに表示されるメッセージ(Error Message)が表示されます。
  • 追加:メールを送信することをテストするために新しい metabox が追加されました。
  • 追加:ユーザーに確認メールを送信するために追加された新しいユーザーのリストの列。






  • スタイリングの問題を取り除く
  • バグの再送信を削除


  • これはプラグインの最初のバージョンです


  • 最も最近のものから最も古いものから最も古いものまでのバージョンをリストします。