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WooCommerce Coupon Box is a WooCommerce extension which helps you collect emails from your visitor. Don’t waste your traffic, Email marketing is an old-but-gold marketing channel. Coupon Box for WooCommerce helps you turn traffic into email subscribers. The plugin displays a subscribe email pop-up to new visitors. Offering coupons and ask them to subscribe email. Then the plugin will generate and send coupon code the subscribed email address. You can check the subscribed email addresses in the plugin back-end or sync with your MailChimp account.

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How to send special gifts for customers on special occasion? How do visitors follow and subscribe email on WordPress? Coupon Box for WooCommerce plugin is the best solution for these purpose. It allows you to create coupons for e-commerce store on special occasion that allows new visitor to get instant discounts coupon for sharing your post on next purchase, allows loyal customers have coupon code for grateful ceremony, allows visitors follow and subscribe email on WordPress.

Important Notice:

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.x or higher.


Support Responsive on small screen device:

Subscription form when a person visits your website: You can set initial time; disable for logged-in users; set time to show subscription form again if visitor does not subscribe

Email: You can send email to your customer which contains coupon code, coupon value, date expires… Email content, header, heading are customizable with useful shortcode {coupon_value}, {coupon_code} , {date_expires}, {last_valid_date}, {site_title} and {shop_now}

  • Email design: Email are designed follow WooCommerce email template

  • CTA: A button “Shop now” inside email, which can be designed and edited to link to your shop

Email Campaign: You can add how many campaign as you want

Subscribed Email: List of subscribed emails with published date, campaign, given coupon and Mailchimp list

Coupon: You can choose to send a unique coupon for each subscriber, or a coupon that you had already created or do not give coupon if you don’t want to

MailChimp integrated: Each subscriber email can be added to your Mailchimp list, just enter your Mailchimp api key and select a mail list

Export email Easy to export email by campaign or subscribed date.

Uses WP’s Conditional Tags to show special page: You show popup box on the specific page.

Design: It’s very easy to edit the coupon box with live preview, any changes will be applied immediately for you to see the differences

  • View Mode: You can see how coupon box looks like before and after a visitor subscribes

  • Show Coupon: If you set to give coupons for subscribers, beside sending coupon code via email address, enable this to print out the coupon code inside the coupon box after subscribing.

  • Popup Type: There are currently 15 popup effect for you to select, including Fade in & scale, slide in, 3D slit, 3D flip, sticky up…

  • Social Media: Let your visitor follow your social net work with beautiful social icon which can be edited. 10 most popular social networks are available: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Dribbble, VK

  • GDPR: A GDPR checkbox are optional for those who need to be GDPR consent.

  • Others: You can also edit button close, coupon box header, bacground image, button subscribe…

  • Custom CSS: And a custom css field for your customization. Any style you type in will be applied immediately so that you can easily find the changes and to check if your style is correct or not

Shortcode: Use shortcode [wcb_widget type=”1″] and [wcb_widget type=”2″] to show subscription form with field email and button subscribe. Using type=”1″ will show form with field email and button subscribe in the same line but automatically transform to type=”2″(when on mobile) which has field email and button subscribe each in a single line


  • All free version feature

  • Support multilingual: Compatible with WPML and Polylang

  • Popup trigger: More trigger to show coupon box: Open coupon box when visitors scroll, open coupon box when visitors about to exit or random one of these triggers

  • Close Coupon box: If your visitors don’t subscribe and close Coupon box, you can set to minimize coupon box to top or bottom bar like a sticky menu to remind them to subscribe later that

  • ActiveCampaign integrated: If you are using ActiveCampaign, just enter API key and URL then select a list to add new subscribe emails to your ActiveCampaign contact

  • More input fields: You can add 4 more fields: name, mobile, birthday, gender besides the email field

  • Background effect: You can also add effect like snow, rain, falling leaves to the overlay when the coupon box appears

  • Google font: Header and body text of coupon box can use a lot of beautiful Google fonts

  • Header image: You can set background image for header, to add your website logo there, for instance

  • Layout: More layouts for you to select

  • Auto update: New update notification when available.

  • Premium Support: We response to all support topics within 24 hours on weekday (a bit longer over weekend)


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  • Coupon settings
  • Email settings
  • Design with live preview


  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload woo-coupon-box to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. WordPress の「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化してください


I use this plugin on multiple sites and it's great for capturing potential customers. Simple & effective. Does exactly what it says without any confusing set up. Support service has a fast turn around too.
potrebbe essere meglio. Sto provando la versione free. Quando creo il mio design per il popup, cambio i colori, la immagine di sfondo, ma anche dopo salvato, mostra sempre la versione base. Se scelgo di usare un codice valido per tutti, lui Genera da solo il codice {coupon_code} ad esempio il codice HAPPY che una volta messi nel carrello non funziona. In ogni caso se scelgo di usare i codici esistenti, che ho precedentemente creato nella pagina sconto di woocommerce, non riesco ad inserirlo in nessun modo. Peccato che non è possibile creare codici sconto che hanno una durata di validità in giorni. Spero di ricevere un contatto per risolvere il problema. in tal caso Cambierò con piacere la mia recensione a 5 stelle


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/** – 2021.07.31 **/
– Updated: Update support file

/** – 2021.06.18 **/
– Updated: Update support file

/**2.0.2 – 2021.06.01 **/
– Update: Dashboard notices

/ – 2021.04.10/
– Updated: Show coupon within using shortcode after subscribe

/ – 2021.03.27/
– Fixed: Format date expire

/ – 2021.03.19/
– Fixed: close icon size on gift box icon

/ – 2020.08.12/
– Updated: Compatibility with WP5.5 and WC4.3

/ – 2020.05.20/
– Updated: compatible with Elementor for Shortcode
– Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.1

/ – 2020.04.23/
– Update: support class – 2020.04.14
– Update: Compatible with WP 5.4 – 2020.03.23
– Update: support class

2.0.1 – 2019.12.02
– Fixed: Settings products and categories
– Changed: Datetime format of coupon
– Added: Google reCAPTCHA
– Added: Change title after subscribing
– Added: Option to never reminder if click button close ‘No, Thanks’

/ – 2019.10.16/
– Updated: Sanitize input data

/ – 2019.10.15/
– Fixed: jQuery with WP 5.3

/ – 2019.10.07/
– Updated: Change premium version url – 2019.05.10
– Updated: Change plugin name
– Updated: Change premium version url – 2019.04.03
– Updated: Make admin notices dismissible – 2019.02.25
– Fixed: Coupon not saved when customers subscribe with shortcode [wcb_widget] – 2019.01.17
– Updated: Class support
– Updated: Change coupon amount to float
– Added: Preview email – 2018.11.21
– Updated: Class support
– Updated: Add argument always_visible for shortcode: [wcb_widget always_visible=”1″] to always show shortcode – 2018.11.10
– Update: Class support – 2018.10.17
– Removed: Upgrade notification
– Updated: Class support
– Optimized: Shorten unique coupon code – 2018.10.15
– Removed: Upgrade notice

2.0.0 – 2018.09.07
– Fixed: All reported bugs
– Optimized: Option and performance
– Added: Unique coupon
– Added: Customizable email to send coupon
– Added: Customizable button close, social icons, popup icons
– Added: Option to turn Coupon box off for logged-in users

/* – 2017.06.08/
– Added: Export email for each campaign
– Added: Display Countdown timer of coupon
– Added: Initial time to display popup when the customer visit the first time.

/* – 2017.07.07/
– Fixed: Responsive popup on tablet and mobile

/*1.2.3 – 2017.07.06/
– Added: Taxonomy email campaign
– Updated: Export list email subscribe with limit day

/* – 2017.06.30/
– Updated: More Social network
– Fixed: Customize text follow us

/* – 2017.06.30/
– Fixed: Assign page

/*1.2.2 – 2017.06.29/
– Added: Export list email subscribe to CSV

/*1.2.1 – 2017.06.26/
– Added: Add widget Newsletter form and use shortcode for it
– Updated: Add more option customizer
– Updated: Only register newsletter without coupon code.

/*1.2 – 2017.06.24/
– Updated: Direct customize on Customizer of WordPress system
– Updated: Add Mailchimp to system
– Updated: Email subscribe system