Order Splitter for WooCommerce


WooCommerce is an awesome eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything and if you want to sell products that are not on stock yet, but you’re sure that you’ll have them soon in stock again? So Order Splitter for WooCommerce is a solution for you as you can create a rule for those items. All of the upcoming items can go in a separate orders section/status. It enables you to split, consolidate, clone, your crowd/combined/bulk orders using intelligent rules.

After activation there will be a Split icon in wp-admin > WooCommerce > orders list page within the order actions. Splits all order Meta data and product data across into the new order ID. Order is created and a note is left in the new order of the older order ID for future reference. Order status is then set on hold awaiting admin to confirm payment.


woocommerce, pending payments, failed, processing, completed, cancelled, refunded

How to use this plugin?


This WordPress plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or any later version. This WordPress plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this WordPress plugin. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html.


  • Group by Vendors - Explanation
  • Default Mode - Explanation
  • Exclusive Mode - Explanation
  • Inclusive Mode - Explanation
  • Shredder Mode - Explanation
  • In Stock / Out of Stock Mode - Explanation
  • Quantity Split Mode - Explanation
  • Category Based Mode - Explanation
  • Grouped Categories Mode - Explanation
  • Grouped Products Mode - Explanation
  • Group by Attributes - Explanation
  • Category Based Quantity Split
  • Order Page
  • WooCommerce Orders List
  • WooCommerce Orders List > Split & Clone Icons
  • Order Page > Selective Products
  • WooCommerce Orders List > "Split From" column added [Premium Feature]
  • Settings page > "Automatic Settings" [New Feature]
  • Settings page > Rules [Premium Feature]
  • Automatic Settings > Illustration [Visual Aid]
  • Manual Split Option
  • Consolidate/Merge/Combine
  • PPOM compatibility - Quantity Split Mode
  • Notices and Customization
  • Labels and Automatic Settings
  • Emails Tab - Child Page Labels - SMTP - Test Email
  • Email Logs
  • Troubleshoot Tab
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Group by Attributes - At a Glance
  • Automatic Settings > Illustration [Visual Aid Explained]
  • Group by Attributes Values - At a Glance [Visual Aid Explained]
  • Split Overview on Checkout Page [New Feature]
  • Compatibility List
  • Settings page
  • press "Save Changes" to proceed with new selected method
  • Different ways to apply shipping charges
  • Order total based shipping charges criteria
  • Custom Order Statuses (New Feature)
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips > PDF Invoice
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips > PDF Slip
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Vendors
  • Split by Vendors (Terms)


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. There will now be a Split icon in the to WooCommerce order overview page within the order actions.


How to add custom order status?

In Order Status tab click “Add New”. Define status name, select payment status of this order status and click “Add New”. A success message will appear. Now you can proceed with custom order status for splitting.

How does it work with shipping?

What are the Shipping Classes?

These are available under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping tab. You can create a class and assign to those products which should get the shipping cost after split. Splitter plugin will simply understand this method.

How automatic settings work?

How order rules work?

How to Combine WooCommerce Orders?

How does it work for split by Vendors?

How to Merge WooCommerce Orders?

YITH Pre-Order Compatibility

How default option in quantity split works?

Default option is compatible with WooCommerce PPOM (Personalized Product Option Manager) by N-Media. This plugin supports its Custom product fields so these will not get lost on order split and all custom product fields will get transferred into new splitted order. It can split variation of one product as well.

Is there a way to manually split an order?

Please check the settings page right sidebar with optional checkbox items. Uncheck the first option, auto split. It will resolve the issue.

Then on orders list page, you will see an icon against each order row item, under actions column. If actions aren’t visible, make it visible from screen options, right top of the page.

I upgraded the plugin, now it is no longer a premium version. How do I fix this?

You are requested to see the first email in which you received a method to update plugin automatically so it will remain premium version.

Will it work with multi-currency plugin?

It must deal with orders, regardless of currencies or exchange rates. It will simply split the items into multiple orders according to the split rules you will choose. So, answer is yes.

Will the split have happened after the payment is made?

Split has nothing to do with paid or unpaid orders. It will obey your rules, if you will set rules for processing, on-hold or even completed orders, it will trigger split action on time. It has to split only; it has nothing to do with stripe or PayPal difference. It will clone the payment records form parent order to child orders.

Will splitting run the hooks too to send out the emails to my warehouses?

If you are already triggering something with WooCommerce order status updated hooks, your hooks will remain intact. This plugin will simply trigger it’s own functions, so you can say, an order processed and moved from on-hold to processing status. Your custom hooks and this plugin’s hooks will work together according to the priorities set. About emails to your warehouse, you need to check if your emails related hooks are there, yes it will be working automatically.

Products with various suppliers, does this plugin offer purchase request feature?

This plugin can split orders to the different suppliers, but this will not send any purchase order request to suppliers. That part would require some actions.
For example: Person A orders 100 dozen banana and 10 crates of red apples, both items are from different suppliers like Supplier A and Supplier B.
So, this plugin will split this one order into two different orders like this:
100 dozen banana
10 crates of red apples

That’s it.

These items are separated in your WooCommerce system, but nothing happens further. It will not send any purchase request to the supplier A and Supplier B.

How does quantity split work?

1) Default:

This method will simply split all quantities into x1 in separate orders.

2) Custom & Eric Logic:

These methods will take the proportional value from item meta key “split”.

A) 3:4 means keep 3 items in parent order and split 4 items in new order when 7 qty. was ordered
B) 1:1 means keep 1 item in parent order and split 1 item in new order when 2 qty. was ordered
C) 2 means keep remaining items in parent order and split 2 items in new order

Note: Difference between custom and Eric Logic is, selection of the items in order. You can make selection while splitting, so you can exclude a few from split.

How Eric Logic work?

i) Turn off auto split and original order removal first from settings page.
ii) From order list edit order you want to split with Eric Logic.
iii) On order edit page, hover on items under item box. There will appear a pencil icon after total amount of item. Click the pencil icon to edit item then click “Add meta” and two fields will appear.

iv) Fill the first field with “split” and the second with ratio as you want to split items and save it.

e.g. 4:4 for parent:child order when total qty of that item was 8 in order or simply enter the desired value without colon.

v) After these steps, get back to order list and split the order you have added split ratio to it.

vi) Now you can split from actions dropdown or split icon in orders list against the order number in row.

Using WCFM, when email and PDF attachment sent, how does it work?

This plugin will split your parent order into multiple child orders. Each order will have separate vendor or group of vendors products together. According to that splitted order, PDF invoice can be regenerated and emails can be sent.

i) You can leave selection of vendors so it will consider all vendors to be in separate orders with their products

ii) If selection made, then vendors can be grouped together


Vendor A & Vendor B = Group #1
Vendor C & Vendor D = Group #2

iii) After split emails can be sent to users, admin and even vendors. There is a checkbox available on emails tab, you can check that so instead of admin, vendors will receive the emails.

How can i achieve Vendor based split with Exclusve (Free) split method?

Question: I want to ask, for example I order 2 products from vendor A and B, can I just make this order into 2 seperate order id without making the parent order? I already tried the exclusive but it didnt work, it always show the parent order.

Answer: Yes, it is possible by using vendor based split. Vendor based split is a PREMIUM feature.

To achieve the same results with exclusive method you have to select items differently but there should be only two types of products in your order always.

Vendor A and Vendor B

So exclusive will consider one of these as selected and others unselected. Like this you will be able to achieve the same results. But it will only work if only two vendors are involved. Multiple vendors products will not work with exclusive method. Group by Vendors is a recommended split method for this requirement.


Great plugin but shipping charges are not being split. Please tell me how to split shipping charges according to individual product. Help me. Thank you. When I'm splitting an order from the admin panel, shipping charges don't show up after the order is split.
The developer is quick to respond, and is quick to provide customized support. After describing the issue I was having over a brief call, within a few hours the plugin was updated with the new feature that fixed the use for my specialized needs. Thanks! Highly Recommended.
Bought the plugin straight after trying the free version. Absolutely amazing ! Had some minor custom requests that Author immediately sorted out for me!
Great extension, lots of possibilities. The extension seems very stable. The designer is very available, extremely responsive. Bravo!


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  • ReportsCache::invalidate() related error fixed. [Thanks to David & Marie]


  • Manual split improved with get_id() instead of get_number(). [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • Page refresh issue on checkout page fixed and shipping class empty order object. [Thanks to Julian & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Manual split revised. [Thanks to rohanmili & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Settings update functionality refined. [Thanks to Niels & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Child orders masking restored. [Thanks to themightyant & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Shipping related improvements made. [Thanks to vincentchan218 & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Parent shipping amount will be removed from child orders. [Thanks to themightyant]


  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips compatibility added. [Thanks to Alex from ZitroxBeats]
  • WCFM MARKET PLACE plugin – multi-vendor. [Thanks to vincentchan218]


  • WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin compatibility added. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work, divishgupta and alvarogv]


  • Manual split icon link updated with actual order id instead of sequential order id. [Thanks to Niels]


  • Assets updated. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Sequential order number – Notice: Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object, fixed. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Sequential order number compatibility added for masking. [Thanks to Kim Karlsen]
  • Custom order statuses functionality added. [Thanks to Nicholas Lorenzi]


  • Confirm to split checkbox enable/disable fixed. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]


  • Checkbox added to hide child orders on thank you page. [Thanks to Bruce]


  • Sequential order number compatibility added. [Thanks to Stef]
  • Settings page optimized for a large number or records selected per page. [Thanks to Peter Lofgren]


  • Resend emails for existing orders, reviewed and ensured. [Thanks to Austin Mathis]


  • Emails delivery in case of no split and split. [Thanks to Hogr Omer & Austin Mathis]


  • Emails delivery in case of no split.


  • Group by attribute values split method reviewed. [Thanks to Abu Usman & Peter Lofgren]


  • Tags updated. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array – fixed. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Multisite compatibility added. [Thanks to Andrew Code]


  • Shipping split methods introduced. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work & creationaddicted]


  • Multisite compatibility added. [Thanks to Xavier Deysine & Team Ibulb Work]
  • Grouped Categories related default split case reviewed. [Thanks to Austin Mathis]


  • Order total with parent and child accumulation. New option added. [Thanks to dpenne]


  • Split based in stock method revision. [Thanks to Max Clasener & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Orders stats hooked for accurate revenue calculation and sales representation. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • switch statement continue to continue 2. Updated. [Thanks to Henrik from Sweden]


  • Split method shredder was creating an extra order where split was not required. Fixed. [Thanks to Austin Mathis]


  • Child orders were missing _billing_address_index and _shipping_address_index. Fixed. [Thanks to Nicholas Lorenzi]
  • Vendor based split method improved, single vendor will not let the order split. [Thanks to Biswa Bikas]


  • New option added – Remove Fees from Child Order. [Thanks to Nicholas Lorenzi]
  • New split method introduced as Category Based Quantity Split. [Thanks to Glyn Tebbutt]
  • In-stock/Out-stock method tested with same product, different variations and stock status. Worked well. [Thanks to Jade Helmich]
  • Split method – attributes values improved with a meta_key “_wos_split_group” to check the attribute value which became to reason to be splitted. [Thanks to Peter Lofgren]
  • Grouped Categories – remove splitted items from parent order. Fixed. [Thanks to Dorian Savage]
  • WooCommerce Emails revised. [Thanks to Hogr Omer]
  • Order notes were deleting, two queries muted to stop this. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]
  • Splitting method attributes by values can handle simple products as well. [Thanks to Pierre-Michel RUEL]
  • Trashed orders were not being restored. Fixed. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]
  • Splitted Order Titles, improved a new WooCommerce hook. [Thanks to Sean Ireland]
  • Shipping method selection and distribution for child orders. [Thanks to Pierre-Michel RUEL]
  • In-stock/Out-stock method refined with stripe payment and funds management. [Thanks to Marc Gielen & Mukesh]
  • Rules are now compatible with splitting method attributes by values. [Thanks to Pierre-Michel RUEL]
  • Grouped Categories – saving with no action group wasn’t taing effect. Fixed. [Thanks to Dorian Savage]
  • Vendor based splitting method refined, vendor selection on product page improved as well. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]
  • Vendor based splitting method, groups selection and checkbox related JavaScript issue got fixed. [Thanks to Rais Sufyan]


  • Split Overview on Checkout Page added. [Thanks to Pierre-Michel RUEL]
  • Cron Jobs / Action Hooks tab added on settings page. [Thanks to Patryk Dziabas]
  • Grouped Categories split method refined with uniqueness of group and array_filter for empty items. [Thanks to Sean Ireland]
  • Original Order was not removing unless visiting the orders list page. Fixed. [Thanks to Patryk Dziabas]
  • Order item meta data clone from parent to child order. [Thanks to Jonathan Kraft]


  • Fatal error regarding get_type() fixed. [Thanks to Paul Chu]


  • Taxes should not be cloned to the splitted orders. [Thanks to Paul Costaseca]
  • Single items and identical attribute values should not be the reason to split in group by attributes values. [Thanks to Mark Bennetts]
  • WC Products related is_type() function replaced with get_type() and made appropriate changes. [Thanks to Paul Chu]


  • Updated Grouped Products split method regarding bundle products item name. [Thanks to Meikel Wolter]


  • Updated split lock related logic.


  • Pagination introduced for large number or categories, products and attributes. [Thanks to Squadron Posters]
  • Group by Attributes and Group by Attributes Values, new split methods added. [Thanks to Mark Bennetts]
  • Multiple statuses for split lock, added a new feature. [Thanks to Tomas Björken]


  • Exclusive splitting method refined. [Thanks to STD Donald]


  • wcdp_deposit post_type for orders was interrupting splitting process. It has been fixed. [Thanks to Tomas Björken]
  • Order meta_keys were cloning array as serialized string, it is fixed. [Thanks to Meikel Wolter]
  • Group by Attributes – new splitting method added. [Thanks to Mark Bennetts]


  • Grouped Categories – Single item and Single Group split case refined. [Thanks to Meikel Wolter]
  • Grouped Categories – split and shipping is missing. Tested and guided the user. [Thanks to Tomas Björken]
  • In stock/out of stock should consider all products if no product is selected. [Thanks to Benjamin Belaga]
  • SendGrid based SMTP username and password can be used in SMTP fields as well.
  • Send admin emails to vendor if group by vendor selected. [Thanks to Maurits]
  • Quantity split with identical items were ignoring split. Fixed. [Thanks to Peter Bystricky]
  • Grouped Categories – no child order should be created if there is only one item. [Thanks to Tomas Björken]
  • In stock/out of stock – simple product in and variable product out case tested. [Thanks to Benjamin Belaga]


  • Updated with a few PHP notices.


  • Updating scripts with refined splitting feature.


  • Fixing header information sent issue. [Thanks to Patryk Dziabas]


  • Import/Export tab added. [Thanks to John McCormick]
  • Improved SMTP fields form update. [Thanks to Tomas Björken]
  • Refinement of Rules tab regarding yith-woocommerce-pre-order (premium) plugin. [Thanks to STD Donald]


  • PPOM compatibility added. [Thanks to Rais Sufyan & Peter Bystricky]
  • Email hooks are provided in a separate tab to control splitted order emails. [Thanks to RealCoolDeals]
  • Group by Vendors method improved with wc_os_trash_post function addition. [Thanks to Elisabetta]
  • Group by Vendors method, splitted orders will be updated with the vendor ID as post_author. [Thanks to Maurits]
  • Parent order email can be unhooked on your choice. [Thanks to John McCormick]
  • Original order removal implemented with an extra condition of having child. [Thanks to Peter Bystricky]
  • Split Order case and Single Order case status update introduced. [Thanks to John McCormick]


  • Shipping class displayed conditionally on thank you page.


  • Shipping class based shipping cost clonning to child orders. [Thanks to John McCormick]


  • Quantity split option improved and a new video tutorial added. [Thanks to Rais Sufyan & Eric Holterman]


  • Vendor role selection added with an important condition. [Thanks to Maurits]


  • Vendor role selection added. [Thanks to Maurits]


  • WP_DEBUG based condition added. [Thanks to getmobileedge]


  • Vendor based split – video tutorial added. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Ultimate Order Combination compatibility added. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0. Fixed. [Thanks to luciendub]


  • Consolidation refined. [Thanks to Abu Usman & Chris McCreery]
  • Parent order removal without accessing orders console. [Thanks to Andrew Moelk]


  • Email notifications checked. [Thanks to Michele Facci]


  • Default split option tested and refined. [Thanks to adilfarooq & pmtray]


  • Splitting process refined. [Thanks to Abu Usman]
  • is_shop() related notice fixed. [Thanks to Michele Facci]


  • Group list extension added. [Thanks to Yael Zeevi]


  • Parent order removal as dependent on WC Orders List page access. Fixed. [Thanks to Andrew Moelk]


  • Quantity split with default option with variable product, refined. [Thanks to Felix Schatten]
  • Group by Vendors – splitting method refined. [Thanks to Simone Ciamberlini]


  • Added manual split option guide through screenshot no. 21


  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce PDF Invoices. [Thanks to Nikolay Likov]


  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce Order Barcodes. [Thanks to Nikolay Likov]


  • In-stock/Out-stock items related condition refined for backorder area. [Thanks to JRD Dienstleistungen]
  • WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCFM Marketplace) compatibility added. [Thanks to Sushan D & Nex Gen Import from India]


  • A muted action hook restored again for thankyou page. [Thanks to JRD Dienstleistungen]


  • In stock orders will be considered in original order with selected status. And out stock orders will be splitted with another selected status from settings page. [Thanks to Ryan Chmura]


  • Customer can select, either split action should work or not. [Thanks to Ryan Chmura]


  • A few muted queries are enabled again after extensive testing of page loading. [Thanks to Carlos Ramos & Paul Chu]
  • Customer can select, either split action should work or not. [Thanks to Ryan Chmura]


  • An improved version from many aspects.


  • Grouped categories introduced with another feature of meta keys selection for child orders. [Thanks to Paul Chu]


  • In stock/out of stock problem with same product > variation and normal product as well, fixed. [Thanks to Ryan Chmura]


  • In stock/out of stock problem with same product > variation > different attributes based order, fixed. [Thanks to Ryan Chmura]


  • _billing_address_index meta_key value issue resolved in order combination feature. [Thanks to Remy Medranda]


  • In stock/out of stock automatic settings was missing same product backorder split. Fixed in this version. [Thanks to Ryan Chmura]


  • Auto clone option added, customer notes will be copied in clone action as well. [Thanks to Ryan & Rafał]


  • In stock/out of stock automatic settings option refined and tested in variable product scenario. [Thanks to Ryan Chmura]


  • Product update with vendor id has been refined. [Thanks to Meikel Wolter]


  • Customer notes are being copied/cloned to the splitted orders. [Thanks to Rafał]
  • Shipping cost implemented conditionally and optionally. [Thanks to Rafał]


  • Quantity split synchronized with original order status update option. [Thanks to Ryon Whyte]


  • Product update and order status update hooks are rechecked. [Thanks to Meikel Wolter]


  • Deleted orders will not bug on update_status functon. [Thanks to ryonwhyte]


  • A new status option for splitted orders provided in this version. [Thanks to ryonwhyte]


  • Qty. split default mode tested and improved. [Thanks to ryonwhyte]


  • In stock/out of stock automatic settings option refined and tested in multiple scenarios. [Thanks to Anastasia Wilson]


  • Multi-vendor split method added in automatic settings. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Multi-vendor split method added in automatic settings. [Thanks to maman99]


  • Child order emails refined on order split action. [Thanks to SV Delos]
  • Quantity split option improved and a new option added. [Thanks to Eric Holterman]


  • Split action should not affect the stock. Methods refined. [Thanks to Vicenç Vives]
  • Quantity split option will work without selecting any product as well. [Thanks to Eric Holterman]


  • Child order emails refined on split action. [Thanks to SV Delos]


  • Child order display on thankyour page and email text management from customization tab added. [Thanks to Brian Trautman]


  • Thank you page will display child orders related information and recalculating order totals. [Thanks to Anita & Brian]


  • Automatic settings revised. [Thanks to Erki Dorbek]


  • Customization tab revised and extra emails are tested. [Thanks to Anita Jinton]


  • Automatic settings are saving now. [Thanks to ehymichy]


  • Grouped categories method tested again and Grouped products method refined. [Thanks to Francesco Porcino]



  • Another PHP notice related “id was called incorrectly” fixed. [Thanks to joncon62]


  • Category Based and Grouped Categories selection related bug fixed. [Thanks to Mike Stimson]


  • Another PHP warning regarding expected array parameter given null fixed. [Thanks to David Frisch]


  • Split by category groups, splitted orders were not recalculating the totals. It’s fixed. [Thanks to Mike Stimson]


  • Product items in orders were missing meta data, refined. [Thanks to Jon Norman & Scott James]


  • A new feature added to disable backorder email notifications. [Thanks to Remy Medranda]


  • Auto split feature tested and refined. [Thanks to Paul Rodarte]


  • Order items meta function wc_get_order_item_meta muted. [Thanks to Remy Medranda]


  • Product items in orders were missing meta data. It has been fixed. [Thanks to Scott James Cop]


  • Products in multiple categories can be splitted as well. [Thanks to scopmiles]


  • Consolidation feature improved with parent order toggle button. [Thanks to Remy Medranda]


  • Checkboxes aren’t visible until radio button or select box aren’t selected. [Thanks to Jim Fulford]


  • Two more bulk options added. [Thanks to Don Carrick]


  • Added premium version link on settings page. [Thanks to Don Martin]


  • Category grouped option improved in another case where all items are assigned to a category group. [Thanks to Michael Berk]


  • A few notice warnings are handled on settings page. [Thanks to Arthur Chan]
  • Auto split checkbox on settings page for split action trigger just after order placement. [Thanks to Michael Berk]


  • Shipping cost should not be added to splitted orders. [Thanks to Michael Berk]


  • No taxes on split if parent order has no taxes. [Thanks to Gwennola LANGE]


  • Grouped categories and grouped products introduced. [Thanks to Michael Berk]


  • Shipping cost will be divided among order items on split. [Thanks to Gwennola LANGE]
  • Category based split actions got another item as none. [Thanks to Michael Berk]
  • Group based split actions are introduced. [Thanks to Michael Berk]


  • Cart notices were causing empty product description, it has been fixed. [Thanks to Sunny Chang]


  • Custom WooCommere order statuses can be configured for split triggers. [Thanks to Arthur Chan]


  • Quantity split added in auto settings, custom quantity can be used to split products with order. [Thanks to Peter Brazier]
  • Multiple split actions can be configured and triggered based on selected products. [Thanks to Arthur Chan]


  • The Events Calendar meta keys are conditionally added. [Thanks kranate]


  • Order title splitted feature added in optional section. [Thanks to Arthur Chan]


  • Email notifications to customers on consolidation and split action. [Thanks to Arthur Chan]


  • Split lock feature added.
  • Category based split option added. [Thanks to Arthur Chan]


  • After consolidation, the order should not be considered for split again automatically. [Thanks to Kim CheeZZ]


  • A couple of notices are fixed and The Events Calendar meta keys are conditionally added. [Thanks to Arthur Chan & kranate]


  • Default split order as well, will clone all meta_keys to splitted order. [Thanks to Diego Saavedra]


  • Order edit effects handled in all automatic settings. [Thanks to Sean Owen]


  • Split option with inclusive auto settings case rechecked with order removal option. [Thanks to Sean Owen & ecreationsllc]


  • Split option with inclusive auto settings case refined. [Thanks to Sean Owen]


  • Split option on order page has been refined for qty split case. [Thanks to Sean Owen]


  • Consolidation option has been refined for edited invoices. [Thanks to Sean Owen & Raees Sufyan]


  • Select all products checkbox in automatic settings. [Thanks to Joshua Dale & Raees Sufyan]


  • Languages added. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • In stock/out of stock split action added. [Thanks to Sean Burney]


  • Qty. split related problem fixed. [Thanks to Stelios Agoropoulos]


  • Fatal error reported and fixed. [Thanks to Luca Franchini]


  • Order meta keys to be cloned/copied to new orders. [Thanks to Roland]


  • WooCommerce activation check added. [Thanks to Nick]
  • Troubleshooting tab added to provide a better support. [Thanks to Peter & Ruth]


  • Useful video tutorials are included in settings page.


  • Order meta keys selection to be cloned/copied to new orders. [Thanks to Roland]


  • Split status returned false on unaffected orders.


  • Pro version restoration function removed which was active in earlier versions.


  • Orders disappearing problem has been fixed for YITH WooCommerce Pre Orders Extension. [Thanks to Ruth Schofield]


  • YITH WooCommerce Pre-Order | YITH > YITH WooCommerce Pre Orders Extension Compatibility.
  • Orders disappearing problem has been fixed. [Thanks to Ruth Schofield]


  • Order notes will remain intact from this version and further.
  • YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium compatibility refined. [Thanks to Ruth Schofield]


  • Save changes action refined for automatic split actions.


  • Video tutorial added for YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce.


  • Automatic split actions enhanced with shredder option in automatic settings tab.
  • Plugin banners updated, and enhanced with pencil drawings. [Thanks to Zunera Fahad]


  • Split Order dropdown option refined on order page. [Thanks to Tameron Green-Garrity]
  • Original order removal option after consolidation.
  • Default pre-order item’s order status set to wc-on-hold for now.
  • Compatibility added for YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium. [Thanks to Ruth Schofield]


  • Orders can be combined as well. [Thanks to Marcelo Mika & Tameron Green]


  • Automatic split actions refined. [Thanks to Yasir Amin Sial]


  • Automatic split actions added in additional settings tab. [Thanks to Peter Schofield]
  • Compatibility added for YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce. [Thanks to Ruth Schofield]


  • Split Rules added in Premium version to control order statuses based on product meta keys and values. [Thanks to Peter]


  • Split Order dropdown option enabled for on-hold orders as well. [Thanks to Tameron Green-Garrity]


  • A few notices and warnings are fixed. [Thanks to Dan Rubín]


  • New Orders will skip shipping for virtual items and for those which don’t have shipping fee information. [Thanks to Clodoaldo Xavier Gomes]


  • “Split from” column in orders list. [Thanks to Shazliyana Shahizal]


  • Updated according to WooCommerce 3.5.0 [Thanks to Yukari Takase]


  • Bulk options revised. [Thanks to Kranate]


  • Problem with calculate_totals fixed as suggested. [Thanks to kranate]


  • Plugin is compatible with multisite environment now. [Thanks to Eelco Wynia]


  • Products can be selected for split option instead of full order split. [Thanks to Team nutrabay.com]


  • Updated with latest WooCommerce changes regarding bulk actions.


  • Updated with latest WooCommerce changes. [Thanks to Liam Cresswell]


  • Sanitized input and fixed direct file access issues.


  • A few important updates in core.


  • A few important updates in settings.