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Woo Slider Pro – Drag Drop Slider Builder For WooCommerce

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Woo Slider Pro – Drag Drop Slider Builder For WooCommerce


So you are looking for the best WooCommerce Products Sliders plugin?
Look at this now

My Story

My name is Lisa. I once was like you, travelled the world searching for the best WooCommerce Products Slider.
Then I took an arrow to the knee.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
So I decided to make my own WooCommerce Products Slider


The rest is history

What should the best WooCommerce Products Slider have?

When I first sat down to make my own WooCommerce slider builder, I jotted down the best features that a product slider should have.
Here are my most recent draft:
1. It must provide me freedom to create
2. It must support some pre-built styles. I’m bad with designing things. You know, the arrow to my knee and it hurts, til now
3. I shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes creating a single WooCommerce Product Slider, otherwise, I would spend time learning web design

So after sometime working on my own Product sliders builder, here it is.

What does my WooCommerce product slider/carousel builder offer?

Well, I can’t say that I’m super happy with the product now because I’m a perfectionist. However, compare to what is available on the market, I’m confident that it has a good chance.

  1. My slider builder lets you drag and drop elements of a product to a panel where you build the layout of the slider
  2. Your slider can have one, two, three columns. That means you can arrange elements side by side, not from top to bottom
  3. There are some pre-made styles available if you want use them
  4. If you know CSS, you can quickly add some awesome styles to the slider. However, if you don’t know CSS, then let’s wait for more updates

Things I’m going to add to this WooCommerce Products Sliders/Carousels Builder

The plugin lets me create sliders/carousels quickly and I’m quite pleased. However, there are something I’m planning to add:

  1. The plugin should let me specify the color of each elements (for example, rating star color, title color …)
  2. The plugin should add some more elements such as a horizontal line
  3. The plugin should let me specify the height of my product’s title. You know, when products’ titles varies, the slider doesn’t look good at all

If you have suggestions, please let me know. I’m about to build the best WooCommerce Products Sliders in the universe

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  • Create WooCommerce Products Slider under 1 minute


Please extract and upload the plugin to your plugins directory located at wp-content/plugins


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