2017年10月11日 2 replies
I’m looking for a plugin takes the original site and and make it a PWA, without having to create a duplicate site.
The plugin does exactly what it says. It is very easy to use and you need no programming skills to create your app. There are 2 themes to choose from. The Pro theme offers more features however more themes should be available with sharing button capabilities, different look and feel and other basic staff. The support is great, with fast response time and willing to reply to all questions. Looking forward to the new features from Worona!
2017年7月10日 1 reply
Worona is really simple and easy to use. The customer support is really good and fast, every question asked is answered. Looking forward for a WooCommerce version.
2017年6月6日 2 replies
I understand that this extension is free and that there is a lot to be developed in the future as your description suggest. But I still find that your approach is really limited. 1 – there is no way to personalize the startup screen animations loaders and messages, besides adding a logo. 2 – No options to customize the menu even the paid feature is only around post categories from the blog there is a paid feature that solves this issue. 3 – Besides showing a feed from the blog, there is not a real use for the app, again I understand that there are other features coming soon, but even then if I see the current offer is still limited, AMP is already offered free by Automattic, and Facebook is really restrictive… I have hope in your product, yes in a couple of hours I managed to create my app but you need to offer a wider scope of integrations with established extensions like: WPML, Woocommerce, ACF, Buddypress, BBpress; also allow to show Pages, Custom type posts; Integrate a calendar ; custom login themes… I see a big potential if you give options to users. Best regards *********** Edit : After using it more and more I realize that the extensions is in fact the simplest way to synchronize your wordpress site to a mobile app, 4 stars. Great job!
Amazing how easy it is to use. Thanks to Worona I managed to create a beautiful fully functional Android App of my wordpress site. I’m very impressed with the result. I even have push-notifications! I had a few issues with my wordpress site but Worona support quickly helped me fix it. I’m definately recommending this to everyone with a wordpress site.
очень хорошо


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