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WP-BusinessDirectory is not just a simple business directory plugin, it is the most advanced directory plugin for WordPress! WP-BusinessDirectory can be used for any type of directory: businesses, organizations, people, events, medical doctors, therapist, etc. and type of classifieds. With the abundance of features, it will provide you with the right recipe for success.

Using WP-BusinessDirectory, you can provide your clients multiple benefits: responsive design, user-friendly interface based on css3 and html5, the possibility to promote business offers and events, map localization, zip code search, and much more.


Customize your directory plugin effortlessly using shortcodes. Embed and display specific directory elements, such as listings or search forms, anywhere on your WordPress pages or posts.





Claim Listings
Don’t wait for business owners to come to you! Entice them to sign up with our claim a listing function. Populate your site by inputting tons of listings, then let business owners claim and pay for the listing.


Google map with business listings
Finding/Setting a business listing location hasn’t been easier. Business listing locations are shown on search and catalog page. Also, the business owners have the possibility to define the exact location by clicking on the map or by entering the latitude & longitude.

Multiple Configuration & Features
Personalize your extension with the help of multiple configuration options that will make your site look the way you want it! We provide multiple settings in general application settings to allow full control of functionality and display.

Opening hours
Give the business owners the possibility to enter their opening hours.


User Generated Ratings and Reviews
Give people a reason to come back to your site again and again with user reviews. Businesses are rated on a five-star rating system with the possibility of defining multiple review criteria. Reviews can be moderated, so you have complete control.

Social networks integration
Social networks are an important aspect of marketing that you cannot ignore. We allow the integration with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

A configuration of all business fields
We provide the possibility to configure each business field with the following options: Mandatory/Optional/No Show

Custom fields
You can create your own personal fields. Now you have the possibility to personalize the business directory plugin with the fields that you need.

Video integration
Videos can bring a plus on your presentation, and it’s included.

Protect your site from spam by activating CAPTCHA.

Multiple Views
More views, more options. W-BusinessDirectory extension gives you the possibility to choose between multiple views to tailor the extension as you want it.


Multiple item details views
You can choose the view that you like from the wide range of items details views that we offer


Translated in over 20 languages
The business directory is conveniently translated in over 20 languages


Payment processors – お客様にとってより便利にするために、支払いオプションを多様化させます。
Payment subscriptions – 便利にクライアントのメンバーシップを有効化します。
Core extensions – コア拡張機能を使用してビジネスディレクトリプラグインの機能を拡張します。
Addons – アポイントメント、イベント&イベント予約、オファー販売、見積もり依頼、キャンペーンなどでビジネスディレクトリプラグインの機能を強化します。

Extend your audience with Business Directory Mobile App
Empower your directory users with our intuitive mobile app. With the mobile app, users can access and explore directory listings on the go, providing them with the flexibility to search, discover, and connect with businesses conveniently from their mobile devices. Enhance the user experience by enabling them to access your directory anytime, anywhere.
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At first, I just wanted to try but didn't give this plugin much credit given that it doesn't have a lot of reviews and installs. I tried for couple of days and the functionality works out of the box. The interface looks well maintained and easy to understand. I need to create offers so probably will go with pro version.
2023年5月17日 1 reply
I am impressed with this business directory. I am using it for more than half a year and I am more than happy. Easy to use, the support and the value for money are the three factors that will make me stick with this directory because they provide top services
2023年5月11日 1 reply
I’ve been using this plugin for 2 years now and it has been a seamless experience since day one. It was easy to install, configure and customize it to meet my business’ unique needs for a directory. I haven’t had any significant issues with the product so far. However, whenever I had a question, the support team exceeded my expectations in terms of turnaround time and thoroughness.
Easy to use and very effective. Out of all the business directory plugins I tried this was the one I chose. The plugin and customer support are on point and great.
2021年7月19日 3 replies
I used this product for years in Joomla and it was faultless. Sadly I have spent days trying to get this to work in WordPress and after bug, after bug, I cannot make any progress. This was a charity project so it's been really stressful with a great waste of time and money. I'm having to write this off as a mistake.
2021年6月6日 1 reply
Today I tested the plugin for the first time. Nice and professional idea. I noticed a few mistakes. For example, when switching to a hotel listing on the site, a critical problem arises. I hope that in the future you will not abandon this project and will develop it. Best regards, Julia.


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