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All other sticky menu plugins assume you will use the theme's main menu, but that usually doesn't apply to landing pages. While most landing pages are one html page, they're almost all longer than one screen, so I'm actually surprised there aren't more of this type of plugin (granted, I'm a fairly inexperienced web dev). I'm currently still building my site and only have one landing page, so I will probably go with the pro version as my site grows. Good job!
It is a really good plugin! You can customize your colors and icons and make it look great with your theme. It is also a very useful tool. I love! Thank you!
What a very bad plug-in! It works, but I don't think I've ever seen such a badly thought-out extension. First, it took me a long time to understand how the different options are distributed in the back-end (don't expect that all will be centralized). Then, one of the big problems is that the distinction between "general" and "particular" menu is not clear at all. I won't go into details, I'll give you the headache I had trying to distinguish one from the other. But the best (or the worst) is for now: you were thinking of creating a menu, and then including or excluding it from such and such a page or category, intuitively, inside the menu settings ? Forgot that ! Nothing is intuitive about this plug-in. Once you've customized your menu, you have to deploy it on on new EACH page / item. On EVERY page and article you create, you will have options from all possible menu positions: top-left, top-right, reply, middle-left, middle-right etc... that's tons of possible options... to configure with each new publication ! Instead of centralizing everything on a menu itself, the page menu targets are totally scattered on the backend, and must be constantly updated. Convenient. In other words, if you have a very small website, very simple, which will not evolve, this plug-in may be suitable. But if you multiply the menus and your site grows day after day, run away ! You will waste a lot of time configuring each new page with menus you need or not need.
2019年7月17日 1 reply
This plugin is very nice and very professionnal. I would like to congratulate the support for its responsiveness et professional attitude. This plugin provide us with a quality service. I invite you to discover this plugin. The floating menu can be custumized and the result is very very nice.


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